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I must confess I still believe... :wendy_williams_bop_listen_music:

Another unique thread from me, it can be so much fun :wendy_williams_bop_listen_music: 

Rules are simple. If you want to confess something, do it here. It can be about anything - Exhale, your love life, your job etc. Maybe it will give some type of relief to some of you :wendy_williams_bop_listen_music:

And please, don't judge others here :wendy_williams_bop_listen_music: Especially me :queenie_falling_dying_dead:


My first confessions (please don't open it if you are underage, this is so embarrassing :queenie_falling_dying_dead: but it's a game and I'm not a little ***** so I'm playing it right :wendy_williams_bop_listen_music::queenie_falling_dying_dead:

  • I want to **** so bad some unpopular twink from YouTube doing reaction videos cause he's so freaking cute and nice :queenie_falling_dying_dead::queenie_falling_dying_dead::queenie_falling_dying_dead:
  • Once I flirted with a cute black guy by sending him a pic of that cosmos thing called ''Black hole'' and I said that I loved black holes and they were so pretty  :queenie_falling_dying_dead::queenie_falling_dying_dead::queenie_falling_dying_dead: I'm so sorry :queenie_falling_dying_dead::queenie_falling_dying_dead::queenie_falling_dying_dead: At least I confessed to this myself without someone leaking screenshots :queenie_falling_dying_dead:

It didn't give me a feeling of relief, I'm only embarrassed :queenie_falling_dying_dead: But that's the point of this game I guess :wendy_williams_bop_listen_music:


@Midnight @Jordan Miller

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5 hours ago, iAlwaysSingLive said:

Post one of the twink's videos. I wanna know who he is. :nynod_miss_new_york_ms_nodding_yes_yas_agree:

No, he's mine :drag_tiffany_ny_new_york_miss_ms_fight_pull_push_mad: I saw him first :tiffhair_miss_ms_new_york_ny_fix_hair_nodding_listening::matches: He belongs to me forever :liar_red_mad_angry_anger_yell_slap:

5 hours ago, iAlwaysSingLive said:

Also, I can't decide if I want a cute twink boyfriend, or if I want a rugged Lana-Del-Rey-esque daddy to take care of me

Sameee it's like I'm a vers but I like cute twinks I wanna top, I like cute masculine guys I wanna top and cute masculine guys I wanna bottom for :tiffhair_miss_ms_new_york_ny_fix_hair_nodding_listening: Tho cute twink isn't a husband material idk :tiffhair_miss_ms_new_york_ny_fix_hair_nodding_listening:

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2 minutes ago, Look But Don't Touch said:


I think I know where this is going. Y'all trying to steal fresh bottom twink meat from me. Not gonna happen. This is a jungle and we are animals waiting for things :tiffhair_miss_ms_new_york_ny_fix_hair_nodding_listening: I'm definitely not sharing food :tiffhair_miss_ms_new_york_ny_fix_hair_nodding_listening:

Honey we are probably miles away, I'm not from USA! Don't be scared, I'm not gonna steal your imaginary boyfriend... but I cannot speak for others Mtv Awards 2019 Reaction GIF by MTV Movie & TV Awards

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