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Britney: "I have no idea if I'll ever take the stage again" (VIDEO)

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As a fan this makes me happy because she’s clearly been enjoying herself so much lately. Of course her saying she has no idea about performing again is a bummer but I’m not going to focus on that. Britney is going through a big moment in her life, and I won’t be another person “wanting something” from her. I can wait for her to return to music and performing. She’s given so much, it’s time that people started appreciating her more and understanding that she just wants to live her life and be happy.  :kisses2all_britney_pom_piece_of_me_green_blowing_kissing:

Britney, stay true to you and and what really matters, we love and support you every step of the way!  :clap_clapping_britney_xfactor_red_excited_yay_cheer:
She didn’t say she’s retiring, or anything like that so no need to be saddened. I’m excited to see what positive changes this court date will bring Britney. She has a lot to say and I think she still has so many good thing coming her way. We Love you, Britney!  :hugs_madonna_britney_ftr_2008_circus_hugging_friends_support:

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I will support whatever makes her happy :kyliecry_crying_tears_jenner_wipe_sad: If she never wants to set foot on stage again, more power to her and I hope she gets to live the private life she has always wanted. I do wish that one day when she’s free, she would acknowledge the movement properly and say even a few words to the countless fans that have stood by her and have kept fighting for her freedom all these years.

I know she doesn’t owe us anything, but it would feel nice to be acknowledged, even if it’s a 10 second Instagram video. I’m guessing the reason she hasn’t done that is because of the ongoing legal battle in court but who knows. All we can do is still only speculate

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6 hours ago, Slayer said:

Some people have the audacity to call themselves fans of Britney’s but make such awful comments. I think that just proves even more she doesn’t owe people like you anything!

It's not like she did all those things for free. Some of you are so dramatic. :britdrown_britney_tears_crying_drown_ink_black:


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Honestly, I’m still pretty confident she’ll perform again one day. I feel like singers/artists always talk about retiring but then a few years later they always come back. Obviously Britney’s situation is very different. I would understand if she wasn’t excited to get back to it, for the majority of her career she’s hasn’t been able to evolve or change her career. You can tell for the eras leading up to the conservatorship she wanted to change things up. Then they made her go back to doing what they thought the Britney brand should be. You can tell from the Instagram posts, whether she’s really posting them or not, she’s still a creative person who loves dancing and creating art. If you look at most artists who have long careers they don’t just stick to one genre of music, Madonna for example, I mean she’s also been pop, but she’s done house, country inspired, rnb inspired, singer-songwriter style, electronic, musicals, etc. Britney has kinda always been doing dance-pop, and she’s great at it, but like she said in for the record it’s like groundhogs day. I think with more freedom/inspiration she’d be happier to create and perform again. But I also support her choice no matter what. 

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Don't worry y'all... she'll be back.  It might not be anytime soon, but she will once she's free.  Shania took really long breaks too. Also, when she does come back, I hope she goes independent.  No more unsupportive label draining her bank.  She should start her own label tbh. She's so creative and it's not difficult to release music independently now with streaming platforms dominating.

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if music is her passion she would be writing lyrics and songs now as a form of expression regardless if she records them or not … I’d really question her artistry if she wasn’t but I guess we’ll never know.


also her label has tons of songs so I’m sure they’d release something. 

I support her whichever way she goes and this is nothing new. Jayden said all this over a year ago 

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8 hours ago, ConceptD said:

She doesn’t look fine to me. She looks like a ball of nervous energy and honestly that stay at the facility in 2019 was very damaging to her. Watching that video was sad because these monsters have taken everything from her. She was the most confident, in control performer in the world and they took all of that away for their own greed. It’s heartbreaking. 

I wasn't meaning she is or looks fine to us... we know how she used to act and speak. I said that she probably feels that once her father will be removed from having control over her person she will have it all. We know even if Jamie is not in the front row he'll still there beyond Jody, but I fell Britney maybe thinks she will achieve the maximum achievable...

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