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Thoughts on straight people playing LGBTQ+ characters?

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Personally I hate it. Two straight actors playing gay characters in movies. It happens too often. Like in these movies I've never seen ''Love, Victor'' and ''Call Me by Your Name'' or something like that :queenie_falling_dying_dead: In my opinion it's a queer baiting. Don't get be wrong, I love seeing hot guys together being into each other no matter their ***uality in real life BUT tons of gay actors aren't cast in movies, TV series cause they are gay and people instead of helping them getting a job decide to cast straight people :queenie_falling_dying_dead: And there's no representation :liar_red_mad_angry_anger_yell_slap: Gays playing straight characters isn't the same :liar_red_mad_angry_anger_yell_slap:

And there's one more thing. Tons of books, these movies are written by straight females :queenie_falling_dying_dead: Like what the **** do you know about gay life and even gay s**? :queenie_falling_dying_dead: Seems like queer baiting and fetishizing, at least in my opinion.

EDIT: You have to know that Hollywood still discriminates LGBT people and they don't wanna cast em in straight roles, there're tons of actors that are scared of coming out because of this, according to Kate Winslet. They don't have a problem with castings heteros in gay roles tho

I wanna hear your thoughts tho :wendy_williams_bop_listen_music:

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Unfortunately, that's just how many industries are. I've heard that the modeling industry is even worse. Movies tend to be explicitly gay at least. In contrast, it's very common to see queerbaiting in the form of straight guys doing homoerotic photoshoots, while their actually gay counterparts are left in the dust. Meanwhile, if gay models are casted, they're often expected to sleep with photographers, agents, etc. Not sure how true that is, but that's what I've heard.

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Are they the best actors/actresses that auditioned for the role? If yes then i dont care what their ***uality is let them play them and let me enjoy a well written and acted script.

Also this argument could also be said as "what do you think of a gay person playing straight?"

Like WHY does it matter whos in their bed? If it was any other industry - like business for example your not gonna turn around and say "What do you think of the straight/gay CEO"

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I don't care. They're actors - their whole job is acting like someone they're not. Why is this any different than an actor without OCD playing a character with OCD? Or an actor who grew up in a rich family playing a character who is in poverty?

Being able to actually have representation and movies/TV with characters I relate to on a deeply personal level means so much more to me than who the actors are. Armie Hammer apparently has a cannibalism fetish. Do you think I'm going to let that take away what Call Me By Your Name has meant to me? No. 

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Overall I agree that it doesn’t matter, but on the other hand, I think some of the members of the LGBTTI+ community still need representation. Hear me out. 

For example, there aren’t a lot of trans actors out there that are well known. So I would appreciate if they were given opportunities as well. Even if they don’t play trans roles. I think it’s important to send a message to all the young ones, that even if you are different, you can still make your dreams come true. But I guess I’m steering away a bit from the topic at hand. 

Do I mind if a straight person plays gay roles? Not one bit. But do I think we still need more inclusion/representation for the other members of the community? Absolutely. And I’m not talking about gays lol We are pretty much everywhere in Hollywood now, which is fantastic. 

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I think this is an issue of impatience. We are gaining representation in all domains, little by little.

As many have said before, this is about who is the best actor to play the role, yes, but not only. If you are making a movie, and you can chose a well known straight guy than a not so well known gay guy, they would probably go for the first option, because the world is about the money.

But if you are against straight ppl playing gay roles, then you are either against gay ppl playing straight roles, or you are an hypocrite. 

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