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Unrelated party files to terminate Conservatorship - hearing set for November 4th

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28 minutes ago, it's_britney_***** said:

I guess he would have the know how of the California courts to file for this? The age doesn’t match up with the s** offender either which is good news. It can’t be a coincidence

Do we know how old the Stan guy that filed for termination is? I can't find it in the petition. :mhmsureny_hmm_thinking_ponder_unsure_what_Tiffany_pollard_ny_New_York_miss_ms_sure: I've seen some Britney fans on Twitter already confirming they're the same person because the addresses match (16619 S. Caress Ave. Compton, CA, 90220)

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Sounds amazing, But one question which i think i know the answer to but wanna ask, why does it say end her guardianship and not cship? i know theres been speculation she doesnt want to end her cship completely but not quite sure what the difference is. is it beasically she gets control of her money but has financial advisors to help her. if so, i think thats perfect for her.

4 hours ago, ObsessedBritFan1 said:

Yessssssss new album!!!!!!!



yeh im really hoping she finally gets this resolved and we get B10 in 2022. i miss her music

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8 minutes ago, HairFullOfSecrets said:

If he isn't connected to Britney how did he manage to petition the court?  If anyone can petition couldn't fans petition to terminate it?

I'm guessing that anybody can file to terminate but the judge will just reject it at the hearing on the grounds that it wasnt filed by a valid party

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11 minutes ago, HairFullOfSecrets said:

Is this guy really a s** offender? If he isn't connected to Britney how did he manage to petition the court?  If anyone can petition couldn't fans petition to terminate it???

IDK, I have a feeling the judge in the case is corrupt and involved in all the shenanigans. 

I feel this is a schenanigan too... I feel like maybe there is some sort of rule that a termination can only be filed once a year and this could be done to buy them more time ALLEGEDLY. 

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I dont think he is connected to Britney directly, or has any sorts of proofs regarding her case that we dont know of. Maybe this guy's point is not to really go foward with this, but to remind the fans (specially the ones in the US) that ANYONE can file a petition to terminate her conservatorship. Plus, I dont even think this person is using his/her/their true identity. 

If the file has a clear purpose, is backed by facts, has a call for action and the signature of many citizens (Britney's US fans), it CAN be considered valid and SHOULD be dlivered straight to the courthouse. What are #FreeBritney supporters waiting to come up with something like this? :lessons_preaching_telling_hand_smack:

Instead of a Change.org signature list  or a call for response to the White House (which both led to nothing), we can release the Kraken straight on Penny's lap. Its way more effective, just saying... :idkney_britney_glory_carpool_karaoke_unsure_idk_nervous:

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This is......well, interesting. I'm really curious now as to how team con (both sides) will react to this, especially Ingham, because Jamie obviously wouldn't want this to happen. I do find it suspicious, that if this guy is the same as the registered s** offender, someone like that just suddenly pops up and files for termination. You're telling me after 13 years and now that the movement is loud and big, this guy is the first one to be added as an interested party and to file for termination? I don't know about you, but this is bizarre to me, you can't tell me no Britney fan has ever attempted to do the same, even if most of us thought this wasn't possible as someone not clsoe to Britney. 
I don't know anything about American law but I don't need to, to know the system is flawed as hell. This will most likely get thrown out but the arguments listed in this document should have forced the court to investigate the status of the cship a long time ago. And if Jamie's team uses this bs as a way to justify their hold on Britney because "stranger danger" as they like to say, I might just end up having an aneurysm because this should've never been grounds for keeping this circus going to begin with, like what kind of basis is that, seriously? Along with Britney's supposed reckless spending habits, why have multiple judges now listened to any of that crap? I'll stop here before I talk myself into another anger fit. Wondering if any of those people will come out again claiming Britney is fine with everything and the movement is damaging to her. 

......on second thought, I really should look into buying a stress ball.

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I literally started crying at work.  And then it all seems to be BS.  This is so sad, but hopefully they will have a hearing and Ingham will fight on her behalf.  But yeah, if it was a name we all knew was involved, I’d say we could be hopeful, but this will likely result in nothing and the hearing will probably be dismissed.

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