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How popular was Blackout really in 2007?

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Honestly I don't remember it being that popular in 2007 outside of pop music forums, and even then there were some people who seemed to find the album polarizing because of the drama in Britney's life at the time. I think the album was seen as a pop masterpiece after Britney's life got back on track in late 2008.

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11 hours ago, pieceofphil said:

In Germany nobody even knew she had music out. I even suspected my gym instructor for being gay because he put on break the ice even it came out and it wasn't a fitness mix CD but a self burned one so he must've known.

gimme more was kinda know but piece of me was huge. biggest chart succes since my prerogative and really long in the charts. and i was quite stunned to hear it in ´´what trump would call antifa clubs´´ really often. and also my leftwing friends really liked it - without me doing promo for it Friday Night Party GIF by Britney Spears

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In the UK as a kid it was really popular. All my older cousins friends (female or gay) listened to gimme more and piece of me and I remember a few people I knew of back then showing me they had the album because they knew I loved Britney. 

My cousins friend Robyn was the first person to show me 3 when it came out too. I was too young to have the internet and I miss being shocked seeing a new Britney song on the TV

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4 hours ago, Alexanda said:

I can't find it anymore, but RTL included her on the news, but mostly for her privatelife. 

Her recordlabel was really smart, they booked tv-ads for her Piece Of Me single on Prosieben.

But her charthistory in germany... oh well... Never recovered from this. :katycry_perry_crying_tears_sad_sobbing:


yeah i remember the piece of me ads. the even realesed 4 dif. types of single cds for it.

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I remember “Blackout” has not much impact. I remember also the stupid change of rules of Billboard and because of it Britney didn’t get to the #1. But I also remember how people that never cared about Britney started to appreciate her music and how she got positive reviews from independent sources.

Time put “Blackout” in the place it belongs. Her best work, magnus opum, sleeper success and payola free.

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16 minutes ago, patr!ckjean said:

A couple weeks later my sister was bopping to it in the stereo in her bedroom and the disc got stuck in the tray… for years. :disappointed_thinking_oh_okay_glasses:


Brit got two sales outta me from that :shameless_blush_blonde_hair_stroke_proud:

Did you burn you sister? Did you bu---:liar_red_mad_angry_anger_yell_slap: OK that would be too much haha!

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18 hours ago, DougFrmBrazil said:

It’s kinda sad when people say: “I suspected [someone] is gay”. 

Dunno as a gay person myself I kinda feel entitled to say this as a sentiment towards how unknown her album release was to the (hetero***ual) general public.

But he's straight, it was a joke not a d*** don't take it so hard:badgirl_britney_flirt_sexy_pom_piece_of_me_lips:

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I think the song Gimme More was pretty popular.

I was a senior in high school we were learning basic dances and we're assigned groups to  come up with their own routine and I believe one group did gimme more. I remember hearing the album playing in the background as they were talking

(My group danced to The Way I Are by Timbaland :cooltshirt_thumbs_up_britney_pom_piece_of_me:)

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Idk why people are either acting like it was a complete flop or the biggest success in history. It was reasonably successful as he numbers and charts sugest, but it was released in a time her personal life was overshadowing her work. 


Still, people in general ( thetarget audience) definitely knew about the album, and fans (the ones that were left)  loved the album, from the leaks onwards, we were getting so excited.

Billboard last minute change of rules resulted in Blackout not being #1 and we'll never forgive them for that tbh. 

As for the promo, as said there was the radio interview that was a mess by itself and VMA performance, so yeah not the best :byetina_xtina_Christina_aguilera_pink_leave_bye_walk_leave_carpet_cheetah_hat:

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Also, there was a lot of excitment among the fans for the GM video and VMA performance and both were lackluster, especially the performance, especially because we knew the performances and videos she used to put out so expectations were really high. 


We felt something was not right but mental health wasn't really talked about that much, especially among teens, so it was hard to grasp everything that was going on, but I do feel like fans that lived through 07 we'll live through anything. Plus, we would follow her through TMZ a lot, now thinking of it, even contributting to the paparazzi following her.

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