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Lou Taylor has got something to say! (Jamie Lynn reacts: "story of my life")

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Lou isn't interested in truth, she's interested in making money irregardless of the truth. Her tactic isn't about clearing her name, it's about making fans look evil, and having 100 lawyers to shut do

We just getting started bish. Do not hesitate to rate Tristar Sports and Entertainment on Google. I did 

Omg her reputation era is upon us

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JL you are a clown and should be thanking God everyday you are where you are thanks to your sister who you don’t seem to care less about. I realize I don’t know her personally but effing use your mouth and stand up for your sister and stop publicly kissing the persons *** who ruined her. I would be pulling out all the stops fighting for my sisters freedom daily and trying to help her, not staying silent and supporting the enemy. Embarrassing.


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The irony!!!! Let Britney tell her side of the story. About her own life!!! :drag_tiffany_ny_new_york_miss_ms_fight_pull_push_mad:

Unpopular opinion: I still wonder if JL is playing double agent. It would be her greatest role yet. But I don’t know if she is that smart for it tho and it would give her too much credit. 

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Not Jamie Lynn siding with her when she constantly claims she has "the best interest" for Britney.

Girl, you're long cancelled. Nobody wants your truth. You're just as bad as Lou at this point.

The entire Spears family should be in a C ship except for Britney and her mom. They seem to be the only ones to be sane which is ironic.

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11 hours ago, Pfefferminz said:

Glad I saw your post. I added a screenshot of the comments in the original post. Click on the spoiler to see it.

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Why Jamie makes it all about her. Literally noone cares about her :ehidk_britney_um_eek:

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Not that I’m JL’s biggest fan but I get the feeling she might have been referring to her Zoey 101 days.

Don’t forget her reputation was tarnished as soon as she got pregnant, and there are a lot of conspiracy theories out there about how dodgy Nickelodeon are/were. 

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15 hours ago, PokemonSpears said:


The middle guy


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If anyone has ever read about cults you’ll realize that Jamie Lynn’s behavior is a classic example of someone who’s succumbed to the control of a narcissistic sociopath aka Lou. I’m not even kidding.

Lou Taylor has ALL the characteristics of a cult leader. Look it up!! :reductive_madonna_mdna_tea_coffee_cup_sips_sipping_drink_spill: Lou has Jamie Lynn and, sadly, numerous others wrapped around her wrinkled claw-like fingers. I have no respect for Jamie Lou whatsoever. The one who suffers most is Britney. Her own sister, her dad, the whole GD family and industry figures have all been sucked into Lou’s demented orbit. I’m not sure if Lynne somehow managed to break the hold Lou has over their family’s minds, but she’s just as complicit as Jamie Lynn. It’s heartbreaking but yet so infuriating. I loathe them all tbh.


Edited to add:
Do NOT buy Lynne’s friendship box she’s selling to fill her & her 4 gf pockets, do NOT buy or her overpriced Rodan & Fields MLM products and for the love of all the gawds, don’t watch JL’s show (Bitter) Sweet MAGAnolias.

**** all of them!!

p.s., Happy Pride!! 🌈 


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16 hours ago, G-unit said:

What reputation of ours could she ruin by telling her truth?  Same with JL.  The reputation of a group of people standing up for a high-functioning woman who deserves to have basic human rights?  Speak your truth, Lou.  Speak your truth, Jamie Lynne.

Exactly. She can't ruin any of ours' reputation, she doesn't know us, we're just a bunch of profile pics on social media.

That just makes me think it's Britney's reputation the one they're talking about. And it's sad their only way to clean their image would be harming someone so pure like Britney. So unprofessional and hypocritical on their part considering one was tied to Britney professionally for years and the other is a sister Brit has always shown nothing but love.

Their way to harm her would most likely be talking about her mental health or lack of capacity, and that's so low especially coming from Jamie Lynn. Just ew :pika_pikachu_slap_fighting_hitting_mad:

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