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Britney allegedly was denied request to attend next hearing in person but is expected to appear virtually on June 23rd + the hearing will not be available to the public

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Any judge with an ounce of morality would grant someone this one, simple, wish and override the conservators.  Letting the conservators get their way and not allowing her to appear in person is basically like allowing Jamie and Co. to say “Sorry, Judge Penny, it’s up to us, not you booboo.”

she COULD actually put her big girl panties on and say “this is my courtroom and what I say goes.” But...she’s a pushover and has no control over her domain whatsoever.  She’s literally the worst.

I knew we wouldn’t hear anything about it, but I had hoped that, at least, Britney would be granted the basic notion of having a face-to-face with the “judge”.  

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3 minutes ago, kleinbritney said:

Britney should take decisive action against it.  And what security concerns? Is she the President of the USA

I know, it’s pathetic.  There are literally private entrances to avoid the FB crowd....and even if they couldn’t avoid them, they literally love her and are fighting for her basic human rights standing outside that courthouse.  But yeah....the conservators are going to imply that everyone in the world and their mother means Britney harm. 🙄

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They say they have security concerns but she's been before.

However, the whole movement has exploded so I can understand there may be uproar.

I'm going to try and look at this positively, atleast this way she will not be freaked out just before speaking by being chased/hounded by the paparazzi/media. Atleast when she does speak she won't have that un-needed stress and hopefully she'll feel more comfortable and she can potentially read off something she's pre-written so she says everything she needs to say eloquently and gets her point across as she may forget things in person due to nerves.

It may be taking place via video calls because the other parties have requested the same. 

I work in a law firm and whenever I get court orders with hearing details i'd say 98% of the orders state the hearing will take place remotely via video call due to the current climate. So i'm not entirely shocked that the hearing is set to take place via video, I do hope there are no technical issues though.

Let's try and be positive, atleast she'll be more comfortable at home and likely to be less intimated by not being in the same room as certain people.


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OMG not again! Expect the connection to fail that day only to pospone. Britney is vaccinated but I guess they are afraid of that she has to say. 

The only positive thing about this is with all these denies from the media being present to Britney herself only adds fuel to the fire.

The media will want to go deeper and investigate more, well this is what I hope.

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11 minutes ago, Slayer said:

Let's try and be positive, atleast she'll be more comfortable at home and likely to be less intimated than being in the same room as certain people.

*Allegedly* Britney herself wanted to appear in person, so it seems, she realizes that she will feel less intimidated to speak freely in court than at her own home.

And since it was supposed to be a one-on-one meeting with the judge, other people were not supposed to be in the courtroom. While, sadly, she doesn't have that kind of protection at home. 

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