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Netflix has been BLOCKED from filming Britney’s conservatorship testimony for their documentary

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Tengo un mal presentimiento sobre este Documental en Netflix...  

Me encantaría ver a Britney en Netflix por su Conciertos, Especiales, su Pelicula Crossroads, ... no con un documental sobre los problemas en su vida. Creo que no merece este tipo de exposición. Como fan me sinto triste para ser honesto.

2021 y los medios de comunicación y entretenimiento aún siguen ganando dinero a cuestas de su pasado y vida privada. 

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So it is 100% confirmed then. A netflix documentary will come in place. This isn’t surprising though. I’m sure she might feel overwhelmed with all of this reignited global interest, but she genuinely is one of the biggest superstars in the world. She was the most searched person on the internet from 1998-2008. This should come as no surprise that people are interested. 
I just hope Lou and other parties with lots of influence in Hollywood, have no control over this narrative and that it does it justice. 

And I hope Britney is aware that people believe she can take care of herself. More than anything, this should be an indicator to her that the world believes in her ability to take care of herself as she’s always deserved to

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1 hour ago, Slayer said:

They always block media request so it's not shocking.

The hearing is likely to be sealed anyway if Britney is speaking - I hope everyone does keep their expectations low.

But will we know what she talks about?


OT: Gosh I wished they had allowed it. The Netflix documentary will be 10X bigger than the New York Times one, now imagine if they had Britney’s testimony there? It would blow up so much and the pressure on colon, cow penny and loucifer would be immense:tiffsniffle_ny_miss_new_york_crying_sobbing_sad_tears:

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