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Is ''Work *****'' iconic?

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In my opinion, yes.

Obvi it's not as big as her career in 2000s but it seems a lot of average people recognize ''Work *****'' and there's a lot of memes about it till this day etc.

Britney saying word ''*****'' is just something so iconic and every knows that - she says that in Gimme More, Scream & Shout and Work *****. And everyone knows this is her thing :matches:

At the same time it seems this is her last ''big'' pop culture moment. But still not as big as for example dancing with a snake, her other VMAs performance etc.


@Midnight what about featuring it, dad? :matches:

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Definitely iconic. I include it in her list of hits like BOMT, Oops, 3, HIAM, TTWE, S&M, S&S, Womanizer, Toxic, etc.

it’s easily in her top 5 most iconic songs though. Even though it hasn’t had crazy streams or massive sales, it’s played in every gym everywhere and gets a lot of spins on Spotify playlists and from my experience, most people know it 

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47 minutes ago, Look But Don't Touch said:

No when Baby One More Time, Oops I Did It Again, I'm a Slave 4 U, Toxic, Gimme More, Womanizer, Circus, 3, Hold It Against Me, Scream and Shout exist, honey :mhm_britney_nodding_yes_mhmm: 


Most of em had way bigger impact on pop culture 


I said iconic not memorable :clownery_makeup_meme:

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5 minutes ago, Look But Don't Touch said:

Idk most of the fandom hate BJ and Work B has a lot of dislikes so that's where that question comes from :matches:

They only hate Britney jean, cos it really wasn't Britney spears and it's very edm, and this is where everybody left, but it's still gold in the US and houses a platinum single and is seen up there with the gay general public like Vogue by Madonna and countless others. 


I don't know where you get the hated. Several lyrics get quoted by all the gays. 


You want a hot body

They literally quote the lyrics a lot. 


If anything Make Me and glory looks more like the failure than Britney jean and Work B. That album is loved by die hards not the general public.  

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It really was her last pop culture defining moment, even though this is where Britney started denouncing her s/ex symbol status, as the video was actually supposed to be more racy, but she put her foot down and basically said I'm a mom and I have a line that I can't cross. 


So here's where it begins that she thought of her kids when it came to her visuals and aesthetic on public released materials..

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7 hours ago, Look But Don't Touch said:

Idk most of the fandom hate BJ and Work B has a lot of dislikes so that's where that question comes from :matches:

Work ***** was mostly disliked upon its release, but over the years it become iconic as Britney literally open every single show whit that song.


the song has over 500m streams just on yoitibe and Spotify! As song is played people immediately recognize it’s Britney anthem..it’s ionic baby! It is and it will be

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