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What are your thoughts on polyamorous relationships?

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It works for some, it doesn’t work for others. People’s opinions on it are really quite irrelevant. If it works it works. If not than whatever. It’s 100% not for me because I love my boo and frankly don’t want/need anyone else. But the idea that a person can only be in love with one person at a time is purely subjective opinion, not objective proof. Doesn’t harm me in anyway, people having multiple partners. I say if you’re curious about it, why not try it out! You only live once and if anything, it will just clarify whether it’s for you or not in the end. 

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7 hours ago, jordeezy said:

I think it's time that we realize a lot of scientists go into studies, not to get true results, but to get enough results that affirm their hypothesis. 


I do not think humans are naturally polygamous BUT our behavior is shaped to spread our "seed" while we are in the age of reproduction aka early adulthood. As we age, these behaviors should calm UNLESS s3x is an addiction. 

well, of course with millions and millions of human beings in this world, not everyone is gonna be the same, so probably many people don't feel the need to have multiple partners.

However, precisely because of that, we cannot say that everyone should be monogamous because there's people that simply cannot commit to that, so that's why I was saying on the other thread, you wanna have multiple partners? Then go and find people that want the same as you, don't go and start a relationship with someone that wants to be exclusive, only to end up cheating on them.

And I think those studies go beyond the biological aspect of the human, but just simply look at the rates of how many marriages end up in divorce, or how many people live unhappy lives in a marriage but refuse to divorce because what will society say, or just how many couples, married or not, end up in someone cheating on the other. I can see someone trying to find a partner at the end of their lives, sort of settling down (and yet I've known several couples that divorced after more than 30 or 40 years of marriage), but maybe there's a lot of people that just want to experiment and try many different options when they're still young and active.

Now if there's people that want to be "exclusive" in a relationship of 3, 4, 6, 10 or whatever, then so be it, as long as everyone agrees, what should the rest of the people care about? Just because it's traditionally  not seen as something that is ok? Well, the same can be said about *******ual couples, or people that live together without getting married (within certain religions), etc, but I think we're way past those stigmas.


Personally, as I said on another thread, I haven't even had a relationship in my whole life, I'm simply not interested, but I speak for everything that I've seen in my family, neighborhood, friends, acquaintances, etc. As long as it doesn't involve minors or whoever lacks the capacity to decide what to do, I couldn't care less about how people live their lives. In fact, the less I know the better lol so I've never understood why people care so much about that kind of stuff.

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For someone who hasn’t been in a relationship, I think I’d be mainly monogamous if I were in one. If they wanted to be open, I’d really have to consider if I would leave them or not… i understand their desire/right to not be beholden to one person. But just negotiating the terms of what one can do with other people outside the traditional relationship sounds exhausting to me.

I admire poly relationships and people who can do it, though! I know people who are in open relationships that say their relationship to their “main” partner is even stronger.

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I used to believe this was not for me but I'm starting to change my mind :jl_jamie_lynn_awkward_cringe_eek: .

Now I think I'm just gonna start to have s** with my closest friends and hook up with new partners and just  see what happens, #30s :neydedance_purple:

Of course all this with full honesty to everybody, I don't like cheating / lying.


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On 6/6/2021 at 10:58 PM, NobodyKnowsPete said:

First of all, that isn’t love.

First of all, love doesn't exist :matches:

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It’s really sad that society still hasn’t figured out what spiritual consequences their physical actions have… it will eventually catch up to you in a sad way. I feel in some way it’s to hide from having the responsibility and dignity of respect for yourself and others. It’s a lot deeper than if it works in the moment. There are many things that “work” in this life that have serious consequences to your mental/spiritual health. 
Relationships are NOT about s**. s** will never hold a relationship together. It’s a reward from a successful relationship. That only gets better if there’s true connection with the individuals. 
Now… if you love having s** with different people, all power to you, but that’s at it is. s**. Let’s not re-label what it means to have intimacy. Be honest. 

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I mean I guess I'd like my boyfriend/girlfriend to let me have *** with someone I find attractive but I'd never let them :matches::hahaha_tiffany_ny_new_york_ms_miss_cackle_laugh_lol_haha_hehe_lmao:

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I have two thoughts! 

This is my respond to being a polynucleotide relationship is…


But! if I was ever in a polytechnic relationship everyone in this situation will be working and contributing to this house! Because no one here is getting a free ride here! 

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It's not for everybody, and it seems as a temporary thing in the long run

I mean, the experiences I've seem with close friends, one of it is  a long *** relationship and from my perspective it was to soft the insecurities of one of the partners like, one of them was super jealous, even with the friends of his friends, so they let someone in to kind of soft that jealous side and to show that a relationship is based on trust, communication etc., it was a bis***ual relationship tho, so they had this girl with them but it ended up the girls being super comfortable with each other and the guy who was super secure ending up being insecure, so the other girl left after awhile.

I think the third person will always be ****ed up with this experiences...

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If it works for people, it works. Knew someone that was in a committed relationship with two others. Worked for them. For some others, it didn’t work out at all. It’s whatever. It’s 2021 and I believe society needs to stop forcing its ideas on everybody. As long as it doesn’t hurt anyone, it doesn’t concern you. And being disgusted doesn’t count.

edit: poly relationships can be open, but they don’t have to be, by the way. Poly can also mean being in a closed relationship with x others. Just wanted to add that.

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I don't mind it. I myself was always in monogomaous relationships. However, there is this couple that has been together for 12 years (they met in college when they were only 19) and I have threesomes with them every now and then. It turned out, not only did they open up for threesomes, they both liked me so much they asked me if I would be open to being in a relationship with them. As in, they genuinely liked my personality and would like me to sleep over with them, go on trips, and do other things together.

I didn't feel like it though, so I politely declined and we settled for having hot threesomes every now and then. But no, it doesn't affect my moral compas at all. 

I'm thinking more and more that gays are incapable of having a proper monogamous relationship without cheating – as a group, we are very hyper***ual, which can be both good and bad obviously. I knew/know a lot of gay couples who were/are madly in love and have cheated/are cheating. 

And the manipulation of it all is insane, can nobody lie and look you dead in the eyes the way a cheating gay man can. Another couple wanted to have a threesome with me, both very nice guys, but something was off when I met them. One of them was TOO familiar. I asked whether they do threesomes only or if they do have s** 1 on 1 with other people, to which they assured me they don't and THEY WOULD NEVER go behind one anothers back.

But the guy still seemed to familiar (and he was the first one to rush with the shock when I asked if they ever go 1 on 1 with others). And then I remembered: a couple of months ago a good friend of mine showed me a homemade **** of a guy he topped, and it was, indeed, THE dude that seemed familiar to me. 

 He basically went behind his boyfriends back, even bottoming although his bf is convinced he is exclusively top lol. 

Either way, monogamy is dying out; not because we're not meant for it, but because we put our selfish ***ual needs in front of everything else. Until we are 65, our anuses are wrecked and we're alone and lonely while the younger gays continue the cycle where we left it. It's a sad destiny of most gays I'm afraid :oprah_well_there_you_have_it_proof_see_hand:

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I can’t judge something I don’t understand, but I wouldn’t be as happy in a polyamorous relationship as I am now in a monogamous one. I am happy that people are now more open about differences but sometimes I wonder (without judgement) if polyamorous relationships are a result of a bored generation that always needs more and more to feel something.

For me, the benefits of having only one other half to really care about (and vice versa) exceeds the perks I would get by having more than one boyfriend/girlfriend!

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