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Do we know why Britney broke up with Charlie Ebersol?

Britney x Irene

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I'm sure he commented after the break up that there is no need for a conservatorship. I'm also sure there were rumours that he was encouraging her to take control of her life.. Eg fight against the conservatorship. 

I was surprised at their breakup.. But at the same time we are just fans and don't know the whole story, nor should we

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1 hour ago, Louis-j said:

She pretended he never existed unlike Shrek who she called out for cheating.

So I guess Charlie was more important to her and she was more upset about that relationship.

But even her relationships are weird.

I remember reading Jamie showed her a tape of Shrek cheating on her, I mean, hello, you're freaking dad. Seems very fishy.

Rude, and if you honestly believe that video ever existed and Jamie was a hero in any form then whatever. David did not cheat on her. 

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I loved them together. Britney seemed so mature and happy with him and seemed to grow as a person a lot during their relationship. He also said she inspired him to be a better person, which I found so cute. 

However it's clear she was very pissed after they broke up. I always felt she found out she was only using her or something cause she pretended they hadnt even been together. I guess we'll never know

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4 minutes ago, DJBringItBack said:

David Lucado did not cheat on her there is absolutely no way a video existed of him doing so and it didn’t leak, the was a poor excuse that sadly I think Britney was even fed to believe. Charlie I’m not sure, he seemed the most genuine and grounded person she was ever with in my opinion. Their relationship ended so abruptly and suddenly it was very strange. 

David kissed another girl. There is a picture/video. Jamie found out after he was sending a private detective or someone like that.To me, Jamie spud in this woman in, to kiss David and to have proof that he is not the right man for Britney.And Jamie lied to Britney about David and she believed his lies, that's why she was so pissed.

It's very strange that someone was there to film it just now, or does Jamie keep everyone close to Brit watching day and night anyway?:ponderney_britney_thinking_sunglasses_hmm_wondering_deciding_orange_blue:

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“Jamie doesn’t want Britney getting married again. He doesn’t want a man coming in and dismantling the work that he and others have done to get Britney in the place where she is now,” a source told HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “Jamie liked Charlie, but never in a million years thought his relationship with Britney would be this intense. Every man she’s been with, she’s wanted to marry: Adnan [Ghalib], Jason [Trawick], David [Lucado], and now Charlie. Jamie didn’t break them up, though. He simply talked to Britney. He reminded her of her past and warned her what could happen if she were to marry Charlie.”



It’s good to know that Jamie has Brit’s best interest at heart, but we do so badly want her to find the one!


Our source had more details, saying, “Jamie’s very convincing. Sure, he wants Brit to be happy and in love, but doesn’t think she’s ready. He’s witnessed his daughter go through the roughest part of her life. She had a mental breakdown and even lost custody of her children. As long as Jamie’s breathing, he’s going to talk to Britney and convince her of what she should do. Luckily, Britney’s listening to him.”

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14 minutes ago, britneydeepinmyheart said:


What if he did try to help though? And they shut him out?:britlol_britney_surprised_wow_oh_shocked_choatic:

That could be, of course.What do we already know.But then team Britney would be above all. Charly has good contacts and is wealthy. They would be even above  the Hiltons! Paris brother-in-law is a Rothshild! Isn't that an exaggeration? Too crass? Who are these people? Satan and his princes of hell personally?

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17 hours ago, Dirk said:

I will always remember a surprise birthday gift he gave her, I think they went to somewhere near Salt Like City or something for the weekend and he gave her the lyrics of Alanis Morissette “Thank You” song framed. so cute! I really liked them together, too bad it didn’t worked, but so glad they met.











The lyrics.:omggg_shocked_hand_old_lady_woman_surprised:

"How 'bout getting off of these antibiotics"



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