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Songs that address artists' personal stuff/rumors/life etc.

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Beyonce's Flawless remix feat Nicki Minaj addresses the infamous elevator fight between her sister and Jay z. 
We escalating, up in this ***** like elevators
Of course sometimes **** go down
When it's a billion dollars on an elevator

Nicki Minaj addresses rumors of her sleeping with Wayne and Drake on her song "Only"
Yo, I never ****ed Wayne, I never ****ed Drake
All my life, man, ****'s sake
If I did I menage with 'em
And let 'em eat my *** like a cupcake

Michael Jackson has plenty of songs and music videos that make references or directly addresses rumors and accusations made about him. In the 1995 song "DS", Michael goes after an attorney named Tom Sneddon, the lead investigator of the 1993 child molestation accusations made against him. Jackson Felt Sneddon had a personal vendetta against him and even accused Sneddon of being a racist and a KKK member.
They want to get my ***
Dead or alive
You know he really tried to take me down by surprise
I bet he missioned with the CIA
He don't do half what he say 

You think he brother with the KKK?

I know his mother never taught him right anyway
He want your vote just to remain TA
He don?t do half what he say

Kelly Rowland touches on her domestic abuse, depression and jealousy towards Beyoncé's success in "Dirty Laundry"
While my sister was on stage, killing it like a mother****er
I was enraged, feeling it like a mother****er
Bird in a cage, you would never know what I was dealing with
Went our separate ways, but I was happy she was killing it
Bittersweet, she was up, I was down
No lie, I feel good for her, but what do I do now?
Forget the records, off the record, I was going through some bull****
Post Survivor, she on fire, who wanna hear my bull****?
Meanwhile this ***** putting his hands on me
I swear y'all don't know the half of this industry

Ed Sheeran Calls out Ellie Goulding in his 2014 song "Dont" for allegedly cheating on him

She was crying on my shoulder, I already told ya
Trust and respect is what we do this for
I never intended to be next (you *******)
But you didn't need to take him to bed, that's all
And I never saw him as a threat (you *******)
Until you disappeared with him to have s**, of course
It's not like we were both on tour
We were staying on the same ******* hotel floor
And I wasn't looking for a promise or commitment
But it was never just fun, and I thought you were different

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Madonna Oh Father about the emotional abuse she suffered when he remarried when she was 8..

Madonna promise to try and inside of Me. 


If she was mad at her father for 30+ years, Madonna loved and admired her mother who died when she was 5.  Several songs put her in a more positive light, to contrast the negative light before her daughter was born, when it came to her father..


American Life The title track wasn't really political, but was about her saying she tried many things, always ended up disappointed and how this modern life isn't free or for anybody..


Hard Candy is very autobiographical as it basically admits her marriage is over..


MDNA pretty much blamed Guy for how it ended. 


Pretty much since Like a Prayer she let you into her life and world. 

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