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Bill to allow conservartees to hire own lawyer is DENIED

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I would like to know their reasoning behind not allowing someone to hire their own representative. It seems ironic to me that the people who truly need a conservatorship wouldn't be in the right mind to even think about getting a lawyer. On the other hand if someone is capable of hiring their own representation do they even need a conservatorship in the first place?

There should be zero reason any one who is capable of hiring a lawyer shouldn't be able to, that alone disproves the need for a conservatorship all together. So it makes perfect sense why they wouldn't pass the bill. They wanna keep their pockets full.

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You'll never see it my way because you're not me -Britney 

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On 6/2/2021 at 3:29 PM, ♔ monalisaney ♚ said:

These lawyers and this $enator are trash and karma is coming for them.

How are U going to fight something and U can't choose your own lawyers?  Cause the person that's overseeing everything is going to make sure U get the BEST lawyer money can buy.   

Conservatorships in CA are completely unethical and it seems are designed to keep U in this thing once U are in it.

These politicians don't care about the American people they only care about their own self interests and lining their pockets with our damn tax dollars.

These conservatorships needs to be investigated and all of the people that's currently in one .. their cases needs to also be investigated too.

For a while I been saying everyone that's involved and that's benefitting financially needs to be thoroughly investigated everyone from her Father, The Dr's, The Judges all of them that oversaw her case & specially the one that 1st signed off on this, her conservators besides her Dad, the people that's holding her money, Lou Taylor EVERYONE!

When her Dad 1st got her in this didn't he alleged that Britney had Dementia?

All of this is allegedly cause U know them DEVILS be lurking. 🤦🏽‍♂️

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1 hour ago, Samsung44 said:

What if Britney moves abroad? :idkney_britney_glory_carpool_karaoke_unsure_idk_nervous:

They have control over her money and other things so Idk how that would work?   Something to think about tho.  Didn't that raper director Roman Polanski flee to Europe to evade law enforcement? 

Thats what U mean to a country with no extradition laws to the US?

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She needs to leave America.. America and Americans have failed her. Its sad a human being who has brought so much happiness to many must suffer for her own talent. She only wants her freedom and her family . Our system was not put forth to help her.. only to abuse her even more.  People are given rights .. yet with this .. its a prison . Its awful to witness. Free Britney!!!!

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4 hours ago, KrisJ said:

I hope she NEVER works again if she’s stuck like this. The money will dry up and they’ll lose interest. 

The only way for this to end if it doesn’t end in court is to just continue to refuse working. There’s only so much recycled trash t-shirts her evil team can try and sell

It’s not that easy as just boycotting, it’s just like palm oil situation, just because it’s corrupt doesn’t mean we can just not support it because people’s lives depend on this which is why it’s been going on for so long and at the end of the day Britney too has to eat and so do her children so if it’s not everyone around her, she herself would be motivated to get back to work to make money, she’s gonna think about her kids first (and not rely on Kfed to feed them because do we really trust him too?)that’s why she only wants her father removed as I’m sure she doesn’t mind working as she always wanted to be a working mom and hates having nothing to do. 

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