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An Angry Britney Admitting She Lost Her Virginity to Reg Jones in One Letter, and Break-Up Letter For Auction

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On the Julien's Auction website, Britney Spears' former p3do boyfriend, Reg Jones, has once again put intimate letters Britney sent him up for auction. In one letter it appears Britney is upset with Reg for being mean to her, and even tells him her mother, Lynne, was right about him. That he and I quote,"My mom was (almost) right, you're like a CARING friend, but f/ucks me whenever you like" (confirming she didn't lose her virginity to Justin Timberlake).



[Photo removed]

(Former boyfriend, Reg Jones leaked this photo of a 14 year old Britney Spears, intended for an at the time 18 year old, legal adult, Reg)


The next letter he has up for auction is a break up letter Britney sent him. They were together for around two years, so this must have come from a then 16 year old Britney, on the brink of superstardom. 

What we know about Reg & Britney relationship? - Britney Spears - Universe  // The Loyal Britney Spears Fan forum with exclusive news, leaks, media and  many more...



I hate how this man has continuously exploited Britney by selling intimate things from his time with her. I still can't understand how Bryan and Lynne encouraged Britney to date an 18 year old when she was 14. The age of consent in Louisiana is 16. So by law he would've faced jail time if the Spears' pressed charges. From what I've read Reg Jones came from a wealthy family, and that is why the financially struggling Lynne, pushed Britney to date him and allowed sleepovers. It seemed opportunist to me, but is that so different from the Spears' now; still pressuring Britney to do things to financially support them?


Both letters are currently going for $2,250 with 2 bids. 






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Who cares who she had s** with the first time. This should have never been a focus when she began her career. FBS doco highlighted this perfectly. Justin didn’t lose his virginity to Britney either, not that his matters at all. 

Reg is sick. Imagine selling a letter when Britney was underage. What a dumb hick. :drag_tiffany_ny_new_york_miss_ms_fight_pull_push_mad:

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Wow really??

This just shows he's no different than all the other people who has used her.

If he really "loved" her, he would've kept them for himself instead of showing them to the world.

And well I guess im not suprised about her not being a virgin especially since there is a clip

of an interview where she is asked what is her fave seduction and what position she likes

and she ANSWERS it!

She wasnt kidding when she sang "Im NOT that innocent"

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Britney is such a strong women. Her power stems from her natural charisma but it really disappoints me that she was raised to believe she needed a man to be complete in life. Even today she’s still worried about having love and a man. She was doing SO WELL in 2015/2016 when she was single and focused solely on herself. She doesn’t need that validation and I think especially in southern culture you get married young and are valued higher and more accomplished as a women with a family. Especially at a young age and she probably feels like a failure till this day for not having it all. I think that’s where her sweet side comes from and s** persona. What more could a man want than a cute and quiet girl who ****s good?! It’s a shame. You can tell her father has really done a number on her as well being one of the only men influences in her life never mind her brother. I don’t think Lynne is bad for her but I wish as a mom she could empower Britney and ditch that mindset. I’m sure Lynne doesn’t know any different either though. Damn shame. And shame on this grown man for exploiting a young girls personal feelings for profit. Get a job. Get a life. Grow up. Terrible that he has ZERO regard for Britney as a person. I know fame destroyed Britney but it seems like everyone in her life before fame are the real monsters here. I hope she’s free of them all one day with a new mindset where she believes in herself without the validation of men and that awful southern culture she was raised in. 

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2 hours ago, car said:

I mean that doesn’t he literally f’d her.. it may mean you f’d me like f’d me over… 

I can see that but from the tone of it, I took it as he basically treats her as an F-buddy. He's caring enough to keep her around and have s/ex with her but he's not treating her intimately the way a boyfriend should. 

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3 hours ago, Puppy said:

Wow what have she done to get all this bad karma? Why isn’t Jamie protecting her from all this and sending his goons to prevent this from happening instead of preying on the fans. Maybe it’s part of the daddy issues like she said in the Mario interview before he got it censored. Is she attracted to men like her father? 

She got this bad karma because of being put into the entertainment industry at an early age with parents desperate for money.

4 hours ago, Forever222 said:

Who cares who she had s** with the first time. This should have never been a focus when she began her career.

Of course it was going to be a focus when she began her career because her record company pushed the nonsense.

The reality is Britney's contracts destroyed her. PERIOD. 

She should have been out of the industry after In The Zone to live a normal life when she already knew how scrutinized she was.  The Everytime video back in 2004 already showcases how she felt about her fans, the media and the industry.

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