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Thread you must read! - Exposing Lou M Taylor's allegedly corrupt investment firm Stonebridge and what they allegedly did with Britney's trust money

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This woman, besides looking like a truck driver d_y-k_e, is the ultimate/biggest scam con artist in the world! Demon! Hit/ler v.2!

I know u’re reading this, C•U•N•T! You will first rot in jail, then in hell!

Btw: im still outraged britney hiatus lost their account and glad they are back!

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I got a lot into this in my hour long documentary about exhale and how we saw the movement unfold.

I conducted some interviews with fellow exhalers and include interview clips etc etc to tell the story. Jordan also provided some kind words! There is a lot about Stonebridge and Mercy Ministries. I’d appreciate you guys checking this out!

@Look But Don't Touch @Midnight @kleinbritney @Roger @Pinky98 @Arthurfleck 

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1 hour ago, Tetris said:

I just don’t understand why media publications are not going with this story! Like, the research has already been complied - all they have to do is go fact check it themselves. 

Sadly, they don't want to, they don't care, or they are scared, or maybe a combination of all of them. This was evident when the BBC guy said "I have no way to tell if these are legit" while reading court documents :boredney_britney_2015_annoyed_eyeroll_hair:

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