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Why Should I Be Sad (Now in Acapella)

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“I sent you to Vegas with a pocket full of paper“ had me thinking how much did Britney spend on Kevin back in the day? How much has Kevin earned until this day from Britney herself including child support? This isn’t to hate on Kevin himself, I’m just curious what you guys think? She must’ve given him thousands for quick trips to Vegas back in the day alone. 

“Made your choice with all the teams.” How much did she throw down for his gambling? My entire family spends money on online fantasy league sports and I’m sure Hollywood has major underground gambling. 

“Filled up my garage for you.” How many cars did she buy back then and if Kevin selected certain cars, how much do you think she spent on sport/luxury vehicles?

Never mind personal gifts, everyday living, and lifestyle, and current day child support.

How high is Kevin in earnings by now? Obviously millions but any solid guesses based on these facts? I have no clue how many Vegas sightings there were back then (not that he/they were seen every time) or what cars she had back then, ect. 


PS- nice instrumental. thank you 🙏 

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13 hours ago, CoasterFreak18 said:

Not sure how you did this, but excellent job.  Thanks for sharing!

I did it from a website called Lalal.ai which definitely has the best quality if you want to do acapellas or to isolate vocals from songs to do remixes, however the free options are very limited and sadly I couldn't find an code to achieve more, so you have to choose wisely, I recommend it.

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