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Why is Dua Lipa so overrated?

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the gays hype up any pop girl with a vulva and a heart beat

if you listened to any sophie ellix bextor or kylie minogue album you'd realize than dua lipa is just a bland, flavorless, unseasoned, dull, generic, flat, insipid, weak, plain, unappetizing and politically correct version of them, very boring if you ask me, where is the vibe, where is the groove??? where is the soul ???



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17 hours ago, Dreams said:

I guess she is

I'll give her that

But that just shows you how boring the new generation is



Unfortunatly yes but I guess that how they like their bread.

Maybe what's boring to us is fun to them? :raven_thats_so_simone_talking_telling_preaching: I guess the standards are different. Fortunately we have more options and we don't have to listen to any of these chicks :chrissy_xtina_head_tilt_purse_sass:

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There really is nothing interesting or special about her. Her performances are more like a classic Pop act though which hasn’t been a thing for awhile so that might be part of why she gets a lot of hype. People are not used to a classic Britney type performance anymore so to speak. As for Future Nostalgia, idk why the gays all **** themselves over it! I personally can’t get into it and I think she needs to move on from it honestly! She’s released like 500 different versions of it!

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I strongly agree with you! I mean, whatever floats people's boats is okay, but she doesn't spark any interest in me.

I guess many enjoy the act of "stanning" someone who has success and keeps an active career. If it wasn't for the success she has, I don't think they'd dedicate much of their time to talk about her online though, but that's just my opinion.

What I enjoy more than anything about being a fan is just the music itself. I personally can't push myself to care about charts or anything else. Sorry if it sounds pretentious. :ohdear_britney_glory_dear,_fingers_hand_face_orange_hide_uh_oh:

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23 minutes ago, iAlwaysSingLive said:

Remember how annoying it was when your parents/grandparents/teachers said, "Back in my day..." You are officially that person now. Congratulations. :tiffeyeroll_miss_ny_new_york_ms_annoyed_eyes_roll_eyeroll_irritated:

For real but did you really have to go THAT hard on us, boo?? 


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18 hours ago, SloppyToppyGoddess said:

I blame Taylor Swift for the downfall of "the popstar". Yes she writes good songs but she rolled in an era of pop girls who have bland voices, cant dance, no extreme Xfactor element, and generally generic. 

I think Dua and Ariana are closer to what the gays have experienced to a Madonna, Janet, Britney, so that's why they stan. I mean if thats the best you have to choose from...

Agreed. I think she knew staying with country will be the dead-end of her career that's why she jumped in to pure pop like Katy, Gaga, Rihanna and Miley are really popular of that time. I listen to her occasionally, but most of her pop songs are just terrible. The bridge of Shake It Off is still one of the most annoying things ever produced in music history. :eheeek_britney_unsure_ew_gross_um_awkward_embarrassed_cringe:

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She makes "pure" pop music that the gays flock to even though ironically enough they can't go out and dance to her songs because most clubs are still closed. :billie_eilish_green_chuckle_cackle_lol_lmao_haha_hehe_laugh:

It's especially sad to me because ATRL and GGD have basically become Dua Lipa central: you literally can't escape the constant Dua pandering on those sites and even the staff and administration promote the hell out of her songs. Same goes for Olivia and Taylor, although at least in Taylor's case I can understand stanning someone who's had a long career and who actually switches up her style a bit. Dua is the living incarnation of doing the same thing over and over again though. Someone made a topic comparing her to Katy before, and I think I'm seeing similarities in terms of mediocrity, except Katy actually has US #1s. :hahaha_tiffany_ny_new_york_ms_miss_cackle_laugh_lol_haha_hehe_lmao:

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I don’t care for most pop chicks for the most part but love Dua. So I guess she appeals to peopel outside of the pop world . 

she had me hooked from new rules. The video was brilliant .

She presents herself which such class and isn’t too try hard  


as Taylor said, the more people are trying to bring you down the more your climbing. Keep trying to tear Dua down, which as Britney fans is hypocritical 

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I think she's quite underrated. When she came out with Be The One 5 years ago, I thought she didn't get the recognition she should have received then. Then she came out with Last Dance, host of other singles, and bops with Sean Paul and Calvin Harris, and it wasn't until New Rules and the album we got now where I'm starting to feel her star power. 


GO BACK AND LISTEN TO THIS - IT'S WHAT YOU DESERVE :deserves_kim_kardashian_smirk_pink:

Love and Light


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You don't like her, but you're making a post about her and getting more people to talk about her, but yet you don't want people putting her on a pedestal. 

Like why be so pressed about someone you don't like? Do you think talking about some other artists is going to devalue what Dua brings to the table? Must be so tiring to be this pressed....

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