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"Hold Me Closer" is rumored to arrive on August 19th.  Pre-save. 🚀🌹

JLo is working on new music

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I think she has pretty much tried everything now. 
As we know older artists basically get ignored. It’s got nothing to do with her music it’s her age.

Ariana drops any song regardless of how weak it is and it’s a hit. 
Post 35 but especially post 40 is basically cruising on your original fanbase. 
Some artists (very few) were able to to build a solid touring following like pink and madonna but regardless of this post 35 YOs are not really going to have huge hits and huge albums. 
even Taylor’s clock is ticking but I believe her touring foundation is vast and solid. 
i don’t like this btw but unfortunately this is the music industry in 2021

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6 hours ago, princessmimi said:

Wow really?

Is it just gonna be another single or will it be an album?

She hasnt made one since 2014

... for a good reason.

unless your name is Adele or Taylor Swift, you’re better off not releasing albums and expect them to sell. Singles, tours and residencies make more sense for artists like JLo and Madonna.

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I actually love JLo, but she needs to release another spanish album if she wants to be successful in music again. :jlostare_jennifer_lopez_staring_blink:

Her latest singles were pretty average (to not call them šh!tty) and her hardcore fan base is the Latin community. Had she been smart, she’d be targeting her puta latina fans and coming for our coins. :yesokay_britney_blush_blink:

A few spanish bops to remind the GP. :neydedance_purple:

For all the people gettin’ ready to get gang banged: 


For all the broken-hearted ones:


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Madonna will always release albums until the day she dies as this initiates her creative process. 

I guarantee she will never do the single- only thing no matter what anyone tells her. 

But these days I think she understands her albums won’t sell and she is fine with this. 

she would much rather release something she actually wants to release then chasing top of the charts. 

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