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Throwback: Britney covers Mariah Carey's version of Open Arms

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1 hour ago, PlayboiMommy said:

As much as she loves Mariah Carey, the version she sang on tour was clearly inspired by Journey


The host in that video make me so angry! The way she labels a 17 year old girl as an American virgin, and then goes on to smurk at the thought of asking her what song she’d like to lap dance to. I love how Britney comes across as a thousand times maturer than any of them citing her musical influence and love for Journey.

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1 hour ago, rennen said:

I love how you can hear a guy saying "she's got talent" as she's singing. :kidcries_crying_sad_tearing_up_sobbing:

I wish there was better quality audio/video of her performing it. 

Was about to comment that but you beat me to the punch :beat_fighting_punching_hitting_angry:

Right! It kinda sounds like Something To Talk About. I feel like if she really pushes herself and trains her voice well we can get 1998 vocals back. We have glimpses of it on some unreleased tracks and My Baby 

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2 hours ago, Avatar said:

Her background singers were the worse, though I prefer the 98-2000 singers to her DWAD era singers, they always sounded off key and like they were competing for Britneys recording contract.

LOL it does sometimes sound like they're competing :orangu_orangutan_ape:.... I do miss her having background singers though.  Her residencies/shows now sound so artificial now with the lack of real voices.  If they're going to block her live mic except for carefully timed portions when she's talking, at least have backup singers.

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