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The Forever Purge relaunches, the horror franchise is back!

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In the era of so many remakes, Horror has remained original at best.


Some of the films caused controversy cos of a misunderstanding like 2020's The Hunt (never judge by a trailer, it wasn't what people thought it was, they only did that to sell the movie on the red vs. Blue theory, when most conservatives actually liked the film  and understood it pointed the finger at both parties).


Then The purge is an original film with a concept my friend told me, it could become legal, it would just take the president to make it happen. 


The basis of the purge horror franchise is genius. In their universe Crime doesn't happen or exist, because for 12 hours one night a year, an annual purge happens. All crime including murder is legal for those 12 hours, for some scenarios rich invite the homeless to a feast as like a final supper, just to bid on who they kill for sport during the purge. They are given weapons, while the poor have to basically play hide and seek in the dark, set up like a laser tag game area, with booby traps that basically unfortunately LEDs to their demise, cos helping your fellow poor is illegal as only one can survive and live another year til the next purge commences. 


The government said by allowing this n


ight, it led crime rates down and anger and hostility to a non existent level cos the person legally murdered their parents or whoever they secretly hated and felt free and happy in the end. 


Enjoy the trailer for the new installment " The forever Purge" adding a new chapter to a criticality acclaimed franchise with an original concept. 



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