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Ranking Britney's Albums?

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Hey everyone! Below are my rankings for all of Britney's albums, as well as my rankings for the songs within the albums. That being said, this is based on my personal opinions, and I'll be the first to admit that they won't always match popular opinion! Let me know what you think, and please post your own lists as well!

1. Oops!... I Did It Again


Oops! is such a good album. It would have been so easy for Britney to have been a one hit wonder, but she came back strong with another lead single that repeated the success of ...Baby One More Time. On top of that, her second album had stronger material overall, and had some killer music videos (Oops!, Lucky, and Stronger are some of her best music videos, in my opinion). Additionally, this is just an era where Britney was so happy, and her career was just booming. Not to mention her first world tour, which I still enjoy watching videos of. I know (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction has not had great reception, but I honestly love her version of the song. It's full of energy, and I loved her performance of it at the VMAs. The only song on this album that I don't enjoy listening to is Dear Diary, and it lasts less than three minutes, so it certainly isn't a deal breaker. Overall, I can't give this album enough praise.


- 1: Stronger (One of my favorite Britney songs. Fierce, energetic, great for dancing, catchy, meaningful, and just a straight up bop.)

- 2: Lucky (So good. SO good. And, unfortunately, too real for Britney.)

- 3: Oops!... I Did It Again (What a great lead single. Such a good song.)

- 4: (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction (I don't care what you all say, this is a bop.)

- 5: Don’t Go Knockin’ on My Door (Also a bop.)

- 6: Can’t Make You Love Me (This song is underrated. It shows off some good vocals, and is pretty catchy.)

- 7: What U See (Is What U Get)

- 8: Don’t Let Me Be the Last to Know

- 9: One Kiss from You

- 10: Where Are You Now

- 11: When Your Eyes Say It

- 12: Dear Diary (Not needed, but at least Britney is trying out songwriting.)



2. Circus


Britney couldn't have had a better comeback album. Circus is full of bops, and is very cohesive. Not to mention the amazing imagery that comes along with the album, and The Circus Starring Britney Spears. I think Out From Under and Shattered Glass are very underrated, though I recognize that most people wouldn't have that as high on their lists. However, I think it is fair to say that Circus has pretty good depth in its songs. There's a lot of great songs here, including deep cuts! However, I don't care much for the last 5 songs. The first 10 definitely make up for it though! I think my biggest problem with Circus has to do with why it was created and the timing of it all. Britney had just had a very public mental breakdown, and I think her team could have been a bit more concerned about her mental health as opposed to "saving her image" with a killer pop album and flashy tour. I think it all happened just a little too soon, and under different circumstances this may have made my #1.


- 1: Womanizer (Such a great song, and awesome for performing. Some call it a copy of Toxic, but I honestly like Womanizer better.)

- 2: Out from Under (Underrated. One of her best ballads.)

- 3: Shattered Glass (This song is so good! I wish she performed it live, I think it would be great for dancing. My only complaint is that the song could be longer!)

- 4: Circus (Very good song.)

- 5: Kill the Lights

- 6: If U Seek Amy (Very clever, Britney.)

- 7: Blur (I love this song! The breathy-ness reminds me of In The Zone.)

- 8: Lace and Leather (This song is so catchy!)

- 9: Unusual You

- 10: Radar (Good song, I didn't need it on a second album.)

- 11: Rock Me In (This is where I start to lose interest.)

- 12: My Baby (Not needed.)

- 13: Phonography (Not needed.)

- 14: Mannequin (Not needed.)

- 15: Mmm Papi (Not needed.)



3. Blackout


It's Britney *****. Enough said. But seriously, this album is pure gold. It really feels like Britney just poured herself into her music on Blackout, and the whole thing is just a masterpiece. There's a few songs I could do without, but the album is very cohesive and there's a reason why it makes the top of most people's lists. I don't have much else to say, I think the album speaks for itself.


- 1: Piece of Me (One of Britney's best songs. It deserved every VMA that it won. Even though Britney didn't write it, you can tell that she means every word that she sings. A masterful response to the media scrutiny she was facing.)

- 2: Gimme More (It's a testament to this song that it is still so popular despite the infamous 2007 VMA performance. It is such a killer song.)

- 3: Break the Ice (Such a great track.)

- 4: Ooh Ooh Baby (Love the instrumentals in the beginning. Such a catchy song.)

- 5: Get Naked (I Got a Plan)

- 6: Why Should I Be Sad

- 7: Radar

- 8: Everybody (Catchy. But honestly, this song confuses me a bit. Is it a remix? Somewhat of a cover? Who knows.)

- 9: Perfect Lover

- 10: Heaven on Earth

- 11: Hot as Ice

- 12: Get Back

- 13: Freakshow

- 14: Toy Soldier (Meh.)



4. In The Zone


A pretty good era in the Britney catalogue, known for the breathy-ness in Britney's voice. This is an amazing album, and is always an enjoyable listen. There are some outstanding deep cuts from this album too, which is always fun to see. Not a lot of complaints here!


- 1: Touch of My Hand (I can't believe it wasn't a single! Such a good song.)

- 2: Everytime (Britney's best self-written song. Definitely heartbreaking.)

- 3: Breathe on Me (This song just continues the mood from Touch of My Hand, and is so good to listen to.)

- 4: Toxic (I know, I know. Her best song ever. Listen, Toxic is great, I'll gladly admit that. But honestly? It just isn't my favorite. I'll jam out to it no problem, but I stand by putting the other three songs above it.)

- 5: (I Got That) Boom Boom (Such a fun collaboration!) (

- 6: Me Against the Music (Keeping it going with great collaborations!)

- 7: Outrageous

- 8: Early Mornin’

- 9: Showdown

- 10: Brave New Girl

- 11: Shadow

- 12: The Hook Up (Meh.)



5. Femme Fatale


What a fun album. It definitely served its purpose, and created some great dance tracks that definitely have served Britney well in concert. It has great singles. My only complaint? Those singles (plus Inside Out) do some heavy lifting. (Drop Dead) Beautiful, Seal It with a Kiss, Gasoline, and He About To Lose Me are all pretty good songs, and I enjoy listening to them, but they don't even compare to the songs ranked above them. And the songs gradually get worse down the list.


- 1: Till the World Ends (Such a great dance track. I love this song.)

- 2: Hold It Against Me (Another bop.)

- 3: Criminal (Great song, and music video.)

- 4: I Wanna Go (Another bop.)

- 5: Inside Out (Slightly less great of a bop, but still a bop.)

- 6: (Drop Dead) Beautiful (Good song, but a drop off from the songs above.)

- 7: Seal It with a Kiss

- 8: Gasoline

- 9: He About To Lose Me

- 10: How I Roll (Starting to get less good.)

- 11: Trouble for Me (Meh.)

- 12: Up N’ Down (Not needed.)

- 13: Selfish (Not needed.)

- 14: Don’t Keep Me Waiting (Not needed.)

- 15: Trip to Your Heart (Not needed.)

- 16: Big Fat Bass (Not needed.)



6. Glory


Such a great album. Britney is so present, and she worked really hard to make this album good. Also, there are so many songs! And they're almost all really good! Make Me... had a great collaboration with G-Eazy, and brought Britney back to the VMAs. I really appreciate the cohesiveness of this album, and the sound/vibe that it achieved. Glory also gave us some of Britney's best vocals in a long time. Overall, I love this album, and my favorite part about it is how I can tell that Britney had fun and enjoyed making the album. My only complaint? There should've been more singles! There was definitely good enough of material for it. I'm also a bit surprised that some of the 2020 releases weren't released in 2016 with the original album, being how good they are!


- 1: Man On The Moon (What a great song. The bridge is pure bliss.)

- 2: Liar (Bop.)

- 3: Make Me… (Beautiful!)

- 4: Invitation (Beautiful!)

- 5: Mood Ring (This is a really fun song.)

- 6: Love Me Down

- 7: Slumber Party

- 8: Swimming In The Starts

- 9: Just Luv Me

- 10: Do You Wanna Come Over?

- 11: Coupure Électrique (Great ending for the album. After so many fun and great songs to listen to, this is a relaxing way to finish out the experience and reflect on the album.)

- 12: Just Like Me

- 13: Private Show (Gets a little too much hate. It isn't one of the best songs from the album, but it is kind of fun!)

- 14: Clumsy

- 15: Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes)

- 16: What You Need

- 17: If I’m Dancing

- 18: Matches (Not as good of a song as I'd expect with this collaboration.)

- 19: Hard To Forget Ya (Not needed.)

- 20: Better (Not needed.)



7. Britney Jean


Alright, I know almost everyone is going to disagree with me. But I'm going to stand up for Britney Jean a bit. It really wasn't that bad. I think this album's biggest problem is being plagued by scandal and gossip. The Alien leak and whole Myah thing really hurt this album, but it's also worth noting that both of this things have been contested/are in dispute. So, I'm not sure it is totally fair to hold those claims as 100% true when evaluating Britney Jean. I also know it gets hate from Britney saying that it was her most personal album. Listeners of the album have disagreed with this adamantly, though I'd challenge you to try and give it some more thought. While we can't all totally see it or we don't think the album reveals a lot about her, maybe the album is personal to Britney? She has co-writing credits on every song, which is a sharp turn from no credits on her last album, Femme Fatale. She has songs about her kids, God, she sings a duet with her sister, and there's even a song about her ex fiance. Even if we decide the songs suck, that doesn't mean that the album can't be personal to Britney. Even if you disagree with me, it was 8 years ago that she advertised this as her most personal album, and I think we should be able to evaluate it on its own two feet outside of how she described it back then. I also don't think that the lack of marketing and the album's commercial success should be used too heavily in evaluating the album, as it largely when on the backburner because of Piece of Me. I'll definitely admit, the album isn't perfect. But overall, I actually enjoy listening to Britney Jean. It is a little more experimental, and definitely reminds me of early 2010's pop. There's not really anything else in Britney's discography like it. The album is pretty cohesive as well, and definitely has consistency. I also think it has some of her best bonus tracks; I really like listening to Hold On Tight, Brightest Morning Star, and Now That I Found You. The album isn't too top heavy. There aren't a bunch of instant bops that are must-be singles like on Femme Fatale, or even Circus. However, and I know that I'll largely stand alone on this, there isn't a song on the album that I dislike.


- 1: Perfume (One of her best ballads, and some great vocals.)

- 2: Passenger

- 3: Alien

- 4: Hold On Tight (I think this song is underrated. It's catchy, and I really enjoy it!)

- 5: Don’t Cry (I don't know why, but this reminds me a bit of the songs from Britney.)

- 6: Work ***** (I know people won't be with me on this. Work ***** is a really good song, but I've never been a huge fan of it, and there are other songs on Britney Jean I like better.)

- 7: Brightest Morning Star (The chorus is so fun and catchy!)

- 8: Now That I Found You (Call it dated, but when that beat drops, it is so fun!)

- 9: Til It’s Gone

- 10: Chillin’ With You (You'll all disagree, but I like it! The campy and light hearted mood is actually really sweet, given that it is two sisters.)

- 11: Tik Tik Boom

- 12: It Should Be Easy (Probably hated because will.i.am is on it.)

- 13: Body Ache



8. Britney


This is a good album. I think its problem, and why I ranked it so low, is that it doesn't have a ton of amazing moments. Most of the songs are good, or even great, but it isn't the most memorable album. It was largely a transitional album, which I think contributes to that. I like the songs that were in Crossroads (an underrated movie, but that isn't what we are here to discuss). Overall, I don't have much to say other that it was a good album.


- 1: I’m a Slave 4 U (Wipes the floor with every other song on this album.)

- 2: Overprotected (Fun song!)

- 3: I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman (Love it.)

- 4: Before The Goodbye

- 5: Cinderella (Very good.)

- 6: I Run Away (Underrated.)

- 7: What It’s Like to Be Me

- 8: That’s Where You Take Me

- 9: Boys

- 10: Lonely

- 11: Let Me Be

- 12: Bombastic Love

- 13: Anticipating

- 14: I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll (Not needed.)

- 15: When I Found You (Not needed.)



9. ...Baby One More Time


The album that started it all. For starters, this is a good album! Don't let me putting it at #9 make it seem like I don't think this album is good, because it is. I'll also say that some songs on this album don't deserve to be on a #9 album, but that is just how it goes sometimes. Half of this album is fantastic, and the other half just wasn't needed. The poorer half is what drags the album down. However, the great songs on this album are definitely worth noting and celebrating!


- 1: ...Baby One More Time (So iconic, and such a bop.)

- 2: (You Drive Me) Crazy (The Stop! Remix, of course!)

- 3: Born to Make You Happy

- 4: From the Bottom of My Broken Heart (Such a great ballad, and really showed off her vocals.)

- 5: Sometimes

- 6: I Will Still Love You (I actually really enjoyed this duet!)

- 7: I Will Be There (Still a good song, but starting to get less good.)

- 8: Autumn Goodbye (It's alright.)

- 9: Thinkin’ About You (It's alright.)

- 10: Soda Pop (Sometimes fun.)

- 11: Deep In My Heart (Meh. Not really needed.)

- 12: E-Mail My Heart (Not needed.)

- 13: I’ll Never Stop Loving You (Not needed.)

- 14: The Beat Goes On (Not needed. I find this song pretty annoying.)

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So much disrespect for …Baby One More Time. Just because it’s bubble gum pop. Quality wise it’s miles above BJ

...people putting ANYTHING below Britney Jean 

Hey everyone! Below are my rankings for all of Britney's albums, as well as my rankings for the songs within the albums. That being said, this is based on my personal opinions, and I'll be the first t

I just wanted to add that every album on this list is fantastic! I know some of my stances are hot takes, but this is just my personal opinion and what I like best. Also, this was terribly difficult to make. Haha, enjoy!

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I'm not gonna rank the tracks but I think this is how I would rank the albums:

1. Blackout

2. Glory

3. Britney

4. In the Zone

5. Femme Fatale

6. Circus

7. Oops!... I Did It Again

8. Britney Jean

9. ...Baby One More Time

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I haven't done an album ranking in a while, and my opinions have changed a lot. For some reason, I used to be a huge advocate for Oops, but I based this ranking on how many songs I would skip (%-wise), and Oops ended up really low:

  1. Glory
  2. Circus
  3. In the Zone
  4. Baby > Britney > Blackout (same %, so I ranked them based on how much I like the vibe and subject matter)
  5. Oops
  6. Femme Fatale
  7. Basic Jingles

Kinda impressive how few skips Glory and Circus have considering they're her longest albums. :katycream_perry_witness_nod_yes:

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I like a few albums in the same way, that´s why I rank them at the same position. And I just write my favorite songs from the album, otherwise, it would be too long.


Ooops!... I Did It Again.


Don´t Go Knocking At My Door

(I Can´t Get No) Satisfaction

What You See Is What You Get

One Kiss From You

Where Are You Know

Can´t Make You Love Me

Girl In The Mirror

Walk On By





Out From Under

Kill The Lights

Shattered Glass

If You Seek Amy

Unusual You







Britney Jean




Till It´s Gone


Don´t Cry

Brightest Morning Star

Hold On Tight

No That I Found You 

Perfume (Dreaming Remix)




Piece Of Me

Break The Ice


Toy Soldier

Ooh Ooh Baby


Get Back


3.Baby One More Time


Baby One More Time

(You Drive Me) Crazy Stop! Remix

Born To Make You Happy

I Will Be There

E -Mail My Heart

Deep In My Heart

 I'll Never Stop Loving You

Autumn Goodbye


In The Zone

(I Got That) Boom Boom


Breath On Me

Early Mornin´

Touch Of My Hand

The Hook Up


Brave New Girl

The Answer

Over To You Now



4.Femme Fatale


Till The World Ends

I Wanna Go

How I Roll

(Drop Dead) Beautiful

Seal It With A Kiss

Trouble for Me



Up N´ Down


Don´t Keep Me Waiting





Make Me

Just Luv Me

Do You Wanna Come Over

Slumber Party

Just Like Me

What You Need


If I´m Dancing


Mood Ring Pride Remix

Swimming In The Stars







Not A Girl Metro Remix


Let Me Be

Bombastic Love

I Run Away

What It’s Like to Be Me

Before the Goodbye 




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I'll probably get hate for mine but:

1. Glory (fave track: either Liar or Change Your Mind)

2. Blackout (fave track: Get Back)

3. Oops (fave track: Where Are You Now)

4. BOMT (fave track: Born To Make You Happy)

5. Britney (fave track: Cinderella)

6. ITZ (fave track: Everytime)

7. Femme Fatale (fave track: Hold It Against Me)

8. Britney Jean (fave track: Til Its Gone)

9. Circus (fave track: Amnesia)

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  1. Blackout (Hot As Ice)
  2. Oops!...I Did It Again (Lucky)
  3. Femme Fatale (How I Roll)
  4. In The Zone (Touch Of My Hand)
  5. Circus (Shattered Glass)
  6. Britney (Let Me Be)
  7. Glory (Invitation)
  8. ...Baby One More Time (...Baby One More Time)
  9. Britney Jean (Passenger)
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1. Glory

2. In The Zone

3. Britney / Circus

4. Blackout


6. Femme Fatale

7. Britney Jean


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16 minutes ago, Danielle1987 said:

...people putting ANYTHING below Britney Jean :gloriascary_scared_shocked_shook_wow_surprised:

So much disrespect for …Baby One More Time. Just because it’s bubble gum pop. Quality wise it’s miles above BJ

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3 minutes ago, Peter Pan said:

So much disrespect for …Baby One More Time. Just because it’s bubble gum pop. Quality wise it’s miles above BJ

I seriously couldn’t believe my eyes. BOMT is one of her best. I guess maybe they’re younger & they “just don’t”t get it” :umomg_britney_shocked_wow_omg_surprised_eyes_wide:

Britney SLAYED bubblegum pop & it catapulted her into being a superstar. HAS to be a generation gap, or something along those lines. 

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