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Britney spears was the 71st most popular artist in the US 2010's.

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Britney spears had a somewhat successful decade..


In the top 100 artists of The decade by Billboard, Britney placed at #71. I credit the femme fatale era for this placing. I thought with streaming and lack of music, in the 00s we had five albums vs. The 3 last decade. 


Britney placed number 8 in the 00s, if we are going by her idols Janet Jackson and Madonna. They were among the top 20 in the 90s. So I'm shocked that she wasn't as successful as I thought she was. 


But her albums barely went over a million last decade in the US. Despite being certified platinum by The RIAA. Her best selling album of the 10s Femme fatale according to neilsen soundscan only managed to sell 750,000 pure. 


Then each album her sales decreased.


Britney Jean sold 250,000 copies in the US, and Glory with only US sales of 198,000 pure is her lowest selling album to date. 


Glory sales are up there with Madame X by Madonna and Caution by Mariah Carey in the US alone. 

But, congrats Britney on making it to the top 100 of the Artists of the 2010s. You did better than I expected.  


Only one artist from Britney's prime did better than all, and that was P!NK who was the 18th top artist of the 2010s only down 3 spots from her 2000s placing. 

Taylor swift was the top female of the 2010s and Drake was the top artist of the 2010s. 


Mariah Carey remains the only female to be crowned Billboard's top artist of the decade which was the 90s. 


Michael Jackson was the top artist of the 80s while Madonna was the top female 9f the 80s. 


Congrats to all the artists who defined the 2010s. 

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Well this actually doesn’t surprise me. She didn’t grow artistically and her lead singles weren’t strong enough to make people interested in buying her albums. If Scream and Shout was her lead for BJ it would have sold very well. Work ***** isn’t an instant hit. It took time for people to like it at all. Make Me is a great single but for her lead after years of fallen success it wasn’t the right lead for her album and Britney being a veteran at that point with the hype of her comeback dead and years of a new Britney (performance wise) she needed more. It’s a business and no matter how much we love her, she won’t have success without the right marketing and music. Her name is so big that she can always have commercial success with the right strategy but after S&S everything took a turn. I know most fans don’t like that song but it’s catchy AF AND it premiered on The X Fsctor therefore being one of her biggest hits. You gotta play the game if you wanna win. 

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