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“It’s a nasty business”: Florida judge ends 7-year conservatorship of man with "dementia"

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6 minutes ago, nthenwkiss said:

I’m now scared of a conservatorship myself. How crazy is this, should I hire an attorney just in case?

You should be aware that Lou is a regular visitor here:grimace_judging_judge_squint_ew_gross_red_white_annoyed:, so now you have nothing to fear.:bieber_justin_smirk_weird:

The answer to your question is yes you should hire a lawyer. :jj_janet_smirk_hehe_haha_lmao_lol_giggle:


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1 hour ago, Easy There said:

One of the most ridiculous laws in universe. If I am bat **** crazy let me be bat **** crazy. If I want to blew all my saving let me do that. I have worked all my life for it.

Like jfc

Exactly! Even if Britney was spending $700,000 a month in 2007, ******* let her! She has consistently earned well over $30m a year every year since 1999, usually over $50m! $700k a month for a year is les than $9m a year! She can afford it! She deserves it! 

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8 minutes ago, Pinky98 said:

Exactly! Even if Britney was spending $700,000 a month in 2007, ******* let her! She has consistently earned well over $30m a year every year since 1999, usually over $50m! $700k a month for a year is les than $9m a year! She can afford it! She deserves it! 

Exacy. I ahte when Karen's put an excuse she will blew her money away and will leave her kids penniless. Like who the **** cares. Let them work for their money. It's her duty to help them till they are 18 and trough collage. 

Plus Britney will never be completely broke. She can live a nice life based on royalties alone.


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Another thing that people need to know as they get older is that certain states will seize property as payback for government assistance for the elderly's medical bills (such as if they had Medicaid during a rest home stay up until they are deceased). If you have ageing parents, inform yourselves on your state's laws. 

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4 hours ago, sjadeupdate said:

Just read the full article and it's crazy scary how similar their stories are :decisions_britney_thinking_confused_focusing_unsure_xfactor_bw_black_white:

So basically Britney went through an emotional crisis in her 20's and spent huge sums of money, like crazy tons of money. Her father watched in horror.... because he feared she'd go broke and of course, their precious cash cow would dry off. Enter Loucifer, she adviced Colon Spears and both waited for the right time. Britney had that meltdown at K-Fat's house (allegedly, maybe it was a setup and he pissed her off on purpose???) That would explain why the paramedics were so suspiciously rude to Lynne and threatened her if she came near Britney. The conservatorship was put in place, they told Britney it would only be temporary. The conservatorship proved to be a profitable business, they bought off everyone involved, doctors, experts, judges, etc., even her court appointed lawyer. At the same time, they threatened Britney and told her she would never see her boys again if she didn't comply. Britney had to accept the new rules. They brainwashed her with her doctors, Britney developed some kind of Stockholm syndrome she loves her family but at the same time, knows it's wrong and gets very anxious socially and some days she feels like not doing anything that will earn profit. Hence her "off days" in Vegas, her not dancing properly (due to some meds as well), etc.

And all this time, everyone has made a profit off of Britney. The superstar who traveled the world and was forced to work with manipulations, while still being trapped in a golden cage. Until she rebelled...

Britney Spears ingresa a psiquiátrico por enfermedad de su padre |  Farandulista




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One thing that makes me hopeful in Britney’s situation is that towards the end of his conservativorship he was charged large legal fees, Britney was too recently so maybe that will be enough to pay her way out of this and Lynne recently moved her lawyers to Cali to help Britney…Lynne is one of the few people who can file to end the conservativorship 

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If cship is there to save Britneys fortune then why she pays for all the lawyers. Some1 need to account money she spent on all that court expenses it is probably the same if she just would hire a professional team to handle her money and then go and consult with them about big purchases like buying a car.

Thank god this man is out but can Britney be ?

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