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Lawyers for Britney Delete Twitter After Being Caught Hiring Actors

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Bloody psychopaths. Expose Sam Ingham next. He is behind them I am 100% sure. Allegedly 


Good Lord. I miss the times when we were worried about chart positions, album sales and dance routines 

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28 minutes ago, halfdressed said:

It’s not Jordan’s fault there are con artists and unethical/unprofessional ongoings regarding this conservatorship. Get a grip. And be mad at the people involved, not those who are trying our best to be rational and make some sense of things with NO actual knowledge of anything. 

Appreciate the kind words! 🙏 :katycry_perry_crying_tears_sad_sobbing:

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1 hour ago, Persona said:

This needs to stop. This lying, forcing away attention, controlling the narrative. I need people to remember that this movement isn’t for anything but getting Britney the justice and freedom she deserves. Anyone who constantly keeps causing drama and dividing the movement needs to be kicked out, simple as that. People defending them at this point are sheep, who are you here for? Big social media accounts that can’t for the life of them stay neutral, push certain narratives no matter what and support mentalities that could very well further endanger Britney OR actually Britney herself? Believe them or don’t believe, no one cares, no one should care. People need to stop acting like they’re these accounts’ fans. Our purpose is to stand behind Britney, gather information and push for her freedom. And not treating other accounts like royalty. They lied multiple times. The documents they leak and the pro “Kingham” and Lynne propaganda (and low key pro cship propaganda) they spew isn’t worth all of this drama. They left Twitter, hopefully they will delete their Instagram too. Let them stay gone.

The world would be a better place for sure if people were this way, but many aren`t. They don`t question, they don`t think, they have a mass mentality that is naive and stupid and they have egos that crave money, fame, attention. Why fight for Britney when they can be fighting for their images and wallets? Its terrible, but it is true.  Therefore, those who actually are in it with good intentions should question E-VERY-THING. Yesterday the entire board said "Britney posted this about Billy B" and very few people questioed the validity of "Britney". I was not surprised but certainly it was dumbfounding to see so many people not even questioning a bit. I am not saying everyone, but a good chunk were just rejoicing on the supposed embarrasment of Billy B, without even thinking how is he  being or could be used.

24 minutes ago, danny1994 said:

I think they're involved in the Netflix doc, director Erin Lee Carr follows them on Twitter and Instagram, someone let her know.

I am super convinced the Netflix doc won`t be what fans expect. They will retaliate. Lou lou has connections within the depths of Netflix and she has been showing that. 

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6 hours ago, Sea flower said:

Not everybody wants to show their face, you need to respect that. Ok it is not nice to lie, but it is clear to me that the same lawyers take care of the account from the beginning and they do not want to expose their face. They have their own reasons.

They are not a public person, we cannot demand anything. Just leave them alone, as far as i know, when a fan was sued by Lou Taylor they helped him a lot, for me that says enough. I don't need to know who they are, i just care about the court documents.

If they don’t want to show their face, then that’s absolutely fine. There are tons of anonymous folks in the Free Britney world. Hell, Anonymous successfully does this on a daily basis. So does meaner03!

When combined with all the other tea that’s been spilled on LFB, this video is laughable and the most effective way to immediately and permanently destroy your credibility once and for all.

They should have realized that honesty was the only way for them to go after people have already been questioning them for some time. Don’t want to take the risk of someone figuring you out? I understand, but when many already think you’re a bunch of liars or at the very least sketchy, perhaps just don’t get involved. More shadiness solidifies your irrelevance and our inability to trust you.

It would be very different if they’d never been shady in the past.

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37 minutes ago, Applejack said:

can we please stop bullying people with different opinions? What y'all doing ain't as deep as y'all think it is

Now we lost a valuable source that posted info without watermarks constantly.

Without watermarks? They did big *** silly graphics with their name and usernames across social platforms on it lol, wish they watermarked it instead 


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1 hour ago, danny1994 said:

I think they're involved in the Netflix doc, director Erin Lee Carr follows them on Twitter and Instagram, someone let her know.

How do we stop this?  Maybe we could email her professional work email and inform her. Somehow.

Netflix of all platforms, having a pro conservatorship do is the most damaging.

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