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Lawyers for Britney Delete Twitter After Being Caught Hiring Actors

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Not everybody wants to show their face, you need to respect that. Ok it is not nice to lie, but it is clear to me that the same lawyers take care of the account from the beginning and they do not want to expose their face. They have their own reasons.

They are not a public person, we cannot demand anything. Just leave them alone, as far as i know, when a fan was sued by Lou Taylor they helped him a lot, for me that says enough. I don't need to know who they are, i just care about the court documents.

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11 minutes ago, Keenonfreedom1 said:

Nobody forced them to, it’s ok there’s many anonymous freebritney accounts, but paying an actress to claim that she runs the account and pretend that they are indeed her and say that she is law student that got doxxed is psychotic behavior, even after they were exposed they still went with the lie and deactivated twice



ps. They already posted their identity couple of months ago

I am not familiar with the twitter drama, thank you for clarifying. As it looks to me, they struggle a lot since their idendities were exposed. I don't know, i think we should leave them alone and avoid dramas, it is not good for our goal.

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47 minutes ago, Keenonfreedom1 said:

This is the original video LFB posted on twitter


They claimed that the OG people who ran the LFB account is no longer running it, then they posted this video as a new law student named “Jess” running LFB now, so an account on twitter found that there’s no Jess and the actress real name is Noelia Rothery who has a page like cameo.com where you purchase videos by actors to act your script, and the a twitter account contacted the actress and it turns out @lawyersforbritney ‘s friend purchased the video 


Wtf :omggg_shocked_hand_old_lady_woman_surprised: :umomg_britney_shocked_wow_omg_surprised_eyes_wide:

This. This can't be. :huh_britney_confused_what_2003_itz_zone_in_the:

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