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New Britney Ig Post: **** You!

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6 hours ago, NotBuyingIt said:

Y'all, Britney is the girl who flipped the bird all the time at Piece of Me for fun in 2016 and said she's a Southern girl who keeps it real in 2017. Not to mention her epic collection of shirts, hats, rings, etc. that said **** and **** YOU from 2002 - 2007. It's not really that far off from her personality. I have no idea if she posted this or not, but I don't think it's out of character. Britney has always been shy (to varying degrees over the years), and she was bullied to hell and back which only made her feel like her voice was lost for some time, but it seems like she's trying to regain her voice.

Just Google "Britney Spears middle finger 2016." There's even an Exhale thread about it. Remember that Britney has always been a dichotomy with many sides to her.


Tbh I like it when shes sassy like that, I hope its her. Bring attitudeney back!

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8 hours ago, CJMCH said:


Please, erase my quote. I wrote that based on a caption of a tweet before even watching the video. Here's the tweet and the video doesn't really say that, but at the same time it does say that the cship was put there for a good reason and a right decision.


This tweet shows that some fans stretch the reality to make one person a victim to bully. What's the point, yes he has said that he thinks it was useful at the beginning but that's all, he's not pro con at all. He's not here to fit narrative of some fans

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On 5/1/2021 at 4:27 PM, I'mNotTheAverageLady said:

Yeah it suprised me, it got so many likes, 1.5 million. Meanwhile the iconic sandwich making only got 300k. People really do like Britney giving them the finger:ramona_dancing_bathing_suit:

That's one of her most liked IG post. :queenie_falling_dying_dead:

And it's not even her on pic? :gloria_falling_stairs_trip:

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