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Willow Smith released a rock song titled "Transparent Soul" featuring Travis Barker and it's awesome

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Willow Smith released a new tune titled "Transparent Soul," featuring Travis Barker. It's the first cut off the 20-year-old's forthcoming fifth(!!!) studio album out later this year.

The video is a visual feast and the song features a bunch of tasty ear-worms. She even rocks out on an Ernie Ball Music Man St Vincent signature six-string. She surprised me in a really good way with this!

Btw Willow's new album features a collab with Avril Lavigne.

Exhale, thoughts? Let's not sleep on this.



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31 minutes ago, Gayseus911 said:

I love it! :unbelievableney_happy_smile_joy_overjoyed_excited_yay: 

She gets her alternativenes from her mom who was once in a metal band  named wicked wisdom back in the 90-00s 


It kinda blows she removed whip my hair off her channel, she said she hated that song so much, it's literally her highest charted song 

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That video is very well done.

The drums and the instrumental around the second minute kinda reminded me of the Limp Bizkit days, I missed that so much!! I remember (KIDS, LISTEN) there was a time back then when pop and rock music would CO-EXIST. Like, you would turn on MTV and, first, watch ACTUAL MUSIC VIDEOS, and second listen to everything from QUEEN BRITNEY to Green Day to Madonna to Limp Bizkit to U2 to 'N Sync, it was crazy beautiful.

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