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Anyone else noticed the voice change between Blackout and Circus?

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Her voice chamged to that of another person on Britney Jean.  Literally

"Blur" is very underrated, it's the best song from Circus with "Unusual You" imo, her voice sounds a bit deeper than usual on Blur. EDIT: Trouble is so good toooooo

Her voice changed in every era.. 

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8 hours ago, Dreams said:

No i agree, it's noticeable especially on Unusual You

And @e_ffen u can also hear it especially on Mannequin (which was rumoured to have been recorded the day of the 2007 VMA performance so perhaps it has something to do w her losing her confidence too, given that blackout was finished before the performance rehearsals) 


even Blur. In the past people have given out from under a lot of flack (not just for being a Bratz cover but for not having a lot of emotion in her voice). Personally I think she wasn’t as driven. There are some instances where her aura is very like, “I’m Britney Spears, the star from 2001”, but there’s a sadnsss in ALL of the songs. It’s noticeably sadder vocally despite themes being a lot lighter and poppier at large 

However it was necessary for them to produce it like this for the radio landscape 

she fit right in with Gaga, Katy (during her One of the boys era), Rihanna, Beyoncé, Kelly Clarkson, P!nk. It was needed to go lighter at that time even though I think it’s obvious it’s a filler album to launch her on a career comeback tour 

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On 4/29/2021 at 4:53 AM, Dreams said:

On Blackout she sounds more laid-back, confident, sultry, and chill

But on Circus her voice is a bit more chipmunk-ish  , like way more nasal and thin, almost forced , idk how to explain , it's very noticeable on "If You Seek Amy" and "Lace and Leather", while "Blur" feels more blackout-ish in terms of vocals/vibe


She was forced to return to work early so yes that could have affected her voice, her emotional was not the same when she produced Blackout.

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Only BOMT & OIDIA featured Britney's true voice without a lot of alteration. Producers then were even quoted in magazines saying how talented she was, how she could do everything in one take, the control she had over her voice, etc etc. OIDIA was the last we heard of her powerhouse belt, Britney was the pivot to the voice we are used to today. However, certain eras are unnecessarily auto-tuned, layered, pitched, and smoothed to dullness in terms of her vocals (and often include songs not even fit for her voice range, such as 3, literally my least fav single, hence what you guys are referring to when you say her voice is "pitched high"). 

The worst we see of this sound and production: Britney Jean, Femme Fatale, Circus 

Glory, ITZ, Blackout are similar vocals

OIDA & Britney were the last of her transition from her true voice but in a controlled pop way (and pretty much the last of her attempts to sing live outside of ITZ; she lost a lot of control over her voice after these eras)

BOMT the voice that got signed to Jive :shake_excited_pink_bounce_yay_pumped_anxious:

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3 hours ago, ivosoares said:

There’s no stem with Britney singing that part. In the circus tour you can hear Myah’s voice in the pre chorus the best, that’s myah 100%

Oh thank JESUS I thought you had proof :dead_falling_wig_dying: It’s Britney and I won’t hear anything else :snort_spoon_powder_glasses:

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8 hours ago, ivosoares said:

My heart is still broken knowing that Myah sang the whole pre chorus in Circus (I feel the adrenaline moving...) 

nope its still Britney singing, the only difference is that Myah hits hard in the background on that one and basically sings along with the same volume (producer's idea). It's still mainly Britney. Let's not prescribe everything to Myah conspiracy theories pls. 

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Myah had her moment on Work *****. I still can't believe she sang the chorus of He About To Lose Me.

OT: No, The only change I hear are from her first 4 albums to the other albums. Maybe I have to listen to Blackout more.

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On Circus, her vocals sound more smoothed out through autotune, and a little muddled, especially on If U Seek Amy and Circus. It fits the production, but it sounds less free and relaxed than on Blackout. Well, doesn't anybody think her vocals on Kill the Lights sound way too low? The instruments too. I feel like they sanitized every aspect of her artistry on that album. I still play it though, but it's no Blackout or In the Zone.

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23 hours ago, ivosoares said:

My heart is still broken knowing that Myah sang the whole pre chorus in Circus (I feel the adrenaline moving...) 

That's false. 

Myah sang the higher harmony on this part, while Britney sang the lower melody. They're an octave apart.


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23 hours ago, briteen said:

I always speculated the reason Glory took SO LONG was due to them pushing her in a direction she didnt like and her simply saying NOPE ! hence Pg, Liar, Clumsy, SITS. the aftermath was her direction because she just wouldve sat there and not worked otherwise. she’s been FED up now with being a workhorse since early 2015.

Oh completely. I mean, we know both FF and BJ were intended to be r'n'b influenced albums before being scrapped for trendier sounds, and Britney definitely clocked out of the album BJ became.

It's interesting that PG and Tom's Dinner were released at a similar time too; part of me always believed that they were testing the waters based on what Britney was proposing.

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yes, I hear what y'all are saying.  def more processed vocals.

I just always mark Circus as the start of Britney sounding cold and distant. Britney the femmebot. Less personal sounding and like there's a barrier between her and us?

I also wonder if she started spending less time in the studio and so they just had to work with whatever they got from her in one session.



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On 4/30/2021 at 5:40 PM, ivosoares said:

My heart is still broken knowing that Myah sang the whole pre chorus in Circus (I feel the adrenaline moving...) 

Both actually: 


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