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2014 was an exciting year for Ariana Grande's career but people really were ****-shaming her

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First of all, I wanna mention that this was beginning of her career and her label really pushed her to do big promo. This Ariana is totally different than Ariana we know now. She experimented with different outfits and she looked amazing even if some of them now look bad but whatever. I really like Ariana from that era and obvi that era made me a fan (I'm not her fan anymore tho). Take a look at some of her cool moments and outfits from 2014: 



(This outfit is kinda horrible but I think overall she looks great) 



I remember her being sIut-shamed for all of these outfits but obvi totally not as much as Britney in early 2000s. 






I definitely noticed that at that time more people looked at her in a very ***ual way, people thought she was being really hot and a lot of guys were in love with her (me). Now I don't really see that tbh probably cause she doesn't wear risky outfits like that anymore. 




I read at that time that she changed her style for Big Sean to be more s xy which is ridiculous but I don't know if that's true 




This style wasn't the best but I like that she just didn't give a f ck during that era and she wore whatever she wanted. This is definitely not Ariana we know now. But people change and it's extremely normal thing. 

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