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Happier Than Ever Debuts #1 In The Global Charts Selling 405,000 Units In It's First Week, Internationally!

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I believe the critical acclaim is proof is you focus less on singles and make a cohesive album, this is the results. 


Beyonce famously said this in 2011, record labels are focused on fast burning singles, that the album is a dead format. 


Billie listening to her family speak, obviously taught her the love of a cohesive concept album vs. Singles with album filler. 

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1 hour ago, Blackout2006 said:

So what r u waiting for? giphy.gif

Yassssss tasssteee! I just knew the album was going to be good. We r proud of ha :clap_clapping_britney_xfactor_red_excited_yay_cheer:

Omgggg the way yr lowest rating for 8.5, she won this time giphy.gif

Happier Than Ever truly changed the game. Back to being the MPG giphy.gif

#1 on US Apple Music, 87% Metacritic score, and sold out physicals copies. Changed yr mind? giphy.gif


So true, I knew she was going to pull a Taylor card where she releases the weakest songs of the album as singles and save the best parts for the release. She was smart with this direction as it must have destroyed and exceeded everyone's expectations after the back to 3 flops giphy.gif

Love Sour, but HTE has easily surpassed it. But they two truly defined our 2020 for sure giphy.gif

I don't feel the heavy metal thing tho. It is just pop rock with a hint of punk that has been done very well giphy.gif

Gurl, slow and boring where? giphy.gif

I love digipacks :gloria_falling_stairs_trip: Aren't they more eco-friendly, that too? I mean, u can still get the vinyl instead and give the good sis, her deserved sales for this masterpiece of a record giphy.gif


1 hour ago, Spicechinodiva said:

I'm talking about the title track. 


And slow and boring, it's very electronic outside Billie boss nova and a few tracks. 


Just say she's not your cup of tea and moved on. 


She's one of 3 projects I'm actually excited for, I have 6 weeks to the New Steps album, and an eternity til Red (Taylor's version) gets here in November.  


It's widely known unlike last year, Music releases are hardly something to be excited about.  

I appreciate that digipaks are more eco-friendly, but they seem to always tear and get damaged easily, even when I barely do anything to them. 

1 hour ago, Spicechinodiva said:

It saves the environment with using recyclable materials.  If it's like the last album, that means the poster is just that a poster and the lyrics by itself. 

ok now that makes me want to buy it even less. :katyclown_makeup_mess_pie_meme_smile: the absolute worst is buying a physical album and there only being a poster on one side with the credits on the other. It’s so messy. The poster never looks good because it’s folded a million times, there’s no booklet to “flip through” and you end up with this just half-assed version of an album booklet. 

I miss when physical album artwork and booklets were used to expand on the world and music that an album/era would create. Streaming is ruining the magic of eras and albums  :lemmetellu_telling_preaching_yelling_talking_points_finger:

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It’s definitely an ALBUM!   It flows beautifully. Feels very well thought out & connected.  It’s not as in your face as the singles of her first album…very different vibe.  At first I felt let down cause there wasn’t something as grabbing as Bury a Friend but on a second listen I am really connecting to it.  Just have to have the mindset that it’s different. But why should she make the same album again?

I think it’s amazing how she’s singing about the pitfalls of fame a lot but she does it in a way that I still understand or relate to.  Her & Finneas are amazing songwriters. 


my favs:

happier than ever  (amazing!)

halleys comet

lost cause

Getting older 


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Her haters can choke with that Metacritic score. Btw, I've listened to the first quarter and I'm not feeling it. Maybe I'm just elated lately, and needs some down time and seriousness to listen to this type of record. I'm hyped with all the highlighted tracks though! :wow_surprised_shocked_omg:

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5 minutes ago, bitbitboi said:

Any bops? Name me ONE bop, and I promise I'll listen to the whole thing.

Happier Than Ever. It starts off like a regular Billie song, but the genre change at 2:19 is everything! :melt_weird_drift_wow:
If you want to know the genre:


it turns into a pop rock song (Reminds me of an Avril song) 2BB396D1-FE9B-4618-A33D-810B4AC42BD1.gif


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Posted (edited)
2 minutes ago, Towelney said:

Happier Than Ever. It starts off like a regular Billie song, but the genre change at 2:19 is everything! :melt_weird_drift_wow:
If you want to know the genre:

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it turns into a pop rock song (Reminds me of an Avril song) 2BB396D1-FE9B-4618-A33D-810B4AC42BD1.gif


Even the melody of the start was just amazing. Reminds me of those vintage old films.

Another Song of the Year please

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Her first album was much better. I like Happier than ever, NDA and like 2 more....thats kind of it after 16 songs.

 The issue is each song sounds exactly the same vocally , its like same voice and mood to a slightly different beat......it's just boring and I found it very easy to skip tracks...

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