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Michael Jackson's estate gets judge to toss out Wade Robson lawsuit

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Wade is a fraudster who lies for money.

Wade Robson's Mom Exposes their Lie (Lost Video) - YouTube

MJJ Unmaskers

In "Leaving Neverland" Wade claims to be assaulted from the years of 7 to 14 and that Michael tried to teach him to hate women.  Michael Jackson's niece Brandie came out saying she's been dating Wade since he was 12 and her uncle was the one who set them up. Shortly after, Dan Reed (the director) tweeted saying that most of the abuse happened between years 7-9. Here's his mom claiming they only moved to America when Wade was nine and they saw Michael only 3 times. They tried deleting the video, not even a day  after the truth came out.

Fils de Jean Noir
More to the point; Wade's mother in leaving Neverland says that she was ecstatic and danced with glee when she heard that Michael had passed in 2009, thinking "now he can never do that to anyone again!"; despite the fact that Wade is adamant that he never told a soul until he told his therapist in 2011.

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I see many Britney fans going hard for Wade. Probably because he was her best choreographer. But always believing the victim doesn’t work that much in this case. I would believe anyone but not him, or anyone associated with him. He’s a money hungry person... The documentary had a lot of contradictions. We’ll never know what happened but I don’t see honesty in him.

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I respect others opinions but if you research this topic you will see the numerous issues and contradictions. Just because Wade and James did a ONE SIDED  documentary with HBO and sat down with Oprah doesn't make it the truth! Respectfully, if you look at the allegations from 1993' 2005' and the current, the MO is all over the place and there is no validity. If you read all of the court documents and the reports issued by the FBI, LAPD, AND CPS They found no wrongdoing by Michael. I hate that everyone just jumps on the media bandwagon and follows blindly that because he was weird and stories were published must mean its true!! If it was any other celeb we'd be throwing stones at the media!!

Do research and you'll come to a different conclusion. I was a fan for a long time and then had my doubts and did some digging and low and behold... it was all for $$$

If he was a child molester he would have been in jail a long time ago!!! And he didn't pay anyone off!! Again, if you look a the correspondence from his attorneys and the court documents, he attempted to fight the allegations in 1993 about 4 times, and his defense became compromised after the law passed in California for civil cases to come before a criminal one. His attorney pushed him to settle and he later regretted the decision. Once they received the $$, the Chandlers no longer pursued a criminal case it was dropped!! I'm sorry if my child was molested regardless of the $$ I'd pursue criminal charges they got $$$ and ran, because they knew the criminal charges wouldn't hold up in court. 

Every single accuser (4) went to a civil attorney to pursue $$ before going the police!!

If he abused all these kids, mind you Michael Jackson has been around thousands of children and a lot of them as adults testify that there was no harm and he was a kind soul, but that doesn't get published (cory feldman, Mac Culkin, Kelly Parker) I could go on and on.. 100's of character witnesses. But your going to let 2 grown men con the world.  


No one talks about Wade having an 8 year relationship with Michael Jackson's niece while the alleged abuse was going on??? Seriously, or how Wade accuses him of abuse 100's of times but his own mother states in court deposition that wade was only at neverland 4-5 times in 15 years and a few of those times Michael wasn't even there. 

Or how James accuses him of being abused at the neverland train station that didn't exist!! ( Oprah's own 1993 interview with Michael proves that it wasn't there and she still interviewed these clowns) 

Or the abuse happening in a time frame that Michael wasn't even in the US he was on Tour in Australia

The contradictions and inconsistencies are endless I could go on for hours!!


Innocent until proven guilty right, there has never been a burden of proof!!

Square One- Amazon Prime

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Plus, This change of mind happened when Wade was denied a job to choreograph both cirque de Soleil shows.


I'm sorry that they went with Jamie king, a person that worked with Michael on his dangerous tour, blood on the dance floor video, The guy who directed The Britney tours oops I did it again workd tour and the femme fatale tour, the guy who worked with Madonna on most of her 21st century tours with the exception of just the MDNA tour, a guy that literally only had a month to direct and stage the 2007-2008 reunion tour of the Spice girls and a prince protege, so I think they went with who had better credentials than a personal connection and a guy known for doing just teeny boppers, after he was denied, that's when his whole story changed. 




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On 4/28/2021 at 11:30 AM, PrettyGorl said:

Why does him wanting money from his abuser bother you? It’s natural to want revenge on someone who wronged you or STOLE something from you (like innocence). Why do people who facilitated and turned a blind eye to abuse get to keep all MJs money and live comfortably? Exhale is such a mess.

Lol, thank you for calling me a mess, I guess. 

I didn't state I  had a problem with ***ual assault survivors seeking money, or any other form of revenge against their abuser. My problem with this isn't specific to the desire for revenge. My problem is that Wade is continuing to pursue revenge against someone who's already dead, continually dragging both HIS family through the headlines, AND Michael's children. If you want to talk about innocence, it would seem his children qualify there too, no? 

The whole situation is, to quote you, a "mess". 


** Also, if you're gonna call people a "mess" .... maybe do all of your research on the situation? Judges aren't throwing out Wade's case just to "protect" Jackson's estate. They're throwing them out on the basis that there's absolutely no concrete evidence to back up Wade's claims, in fact the depositions they have say quite the opposite.


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On 4/28/2021 at 10:34 AM, 2K16NEY said:

I’m sure he’s mainly seeking some accountability. Also, money may not solve everything but if this event that allegedly occurred between Wade and Michael happened, it could have affected Wade’s mental state to a point where he wasn’t in a condition to work and make money.

Yea, I  respect that, and in general I don't disagree. It's just in this case, respectively, Wade has lost multiple lawsuits / court cases against Jackson and his estate, because he has no evidence to back up his claims, but instead, multiple close sources including his own Mother, coming forward to state the opposite. That's the only reason this feels a little icky to me. 

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