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"Hold Me Closer" is rumored to arrive on August 19th.  Pre-save. 🚀🌹

VMAs 2007 should have been a Medley imo


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I think it was a mistake to only perform Gimme More


It would have been dope if she did like 2-3 songs : Gimme More, Get Naked, Heaven on Earth or something like that

It would have showcased the album better and maybe people would have taken it more seriously back then (i doubt it tho)


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6 minutes ago, britneyluv said:

Wasn't she supposed to do some crazy magic performance with Criss Angel?

I honestly think she shouldn't have performed at all. She clearly wasn't in the right frame of mind.

Yeah i agree, she clearly wasn't ready to perform, but it is what it is, i think the performance isn't even bad,  just lazy. People were so dramatic back then

Like , if you compare that performance with the way some artists perform today it's kinda on-par

Today it's very trendy to act like you're nonchalant and don't want to be here : Billie Eillish , Dua Lipa etc

13 minutes ago, Hooked-On-Knee said:

She was allegedly going to do a medley of Gimme More, Get Back, and a song that has been gone by the name, "Cry", or, "Tear". 

No idea if it's real.

I heard of this, i wonder what that Cry song is.

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