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Rupauls Season 13 Grand Finale: Finalists perfomed 3 Britney songs!!!

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A friend that works in production @ WORLDOFWONDER told me that tonights lipsync will be 3 britney songs in support of #FreeBritney (however he didnt tell me which ones)

Stronger, toxic, oops, i wana go, stronger, work *****, if you seek amy were perfomed before. Stronger was the only one played in the final. 

Whitney had 2 songs in the finale before. Britney will be the first with all 3. Finale tonight @ vh1  8/7c

Update: They sang "Gimme More," "Till the World Ends" and "Work *****"






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3 hours ago, maki93 said:

I think Work ***** was a weird choice though. 

I felt like Rosé and Kandy needed to bring more energy tho... :angietea_angelina_jolie_tea_sips_coffee_mug_cup_drink_spilling_spill: At least Kandy gave a nod to the original choreo.

Symone and Gottmik performing Gimme More was iconic!!!! :wigsnatched_point_you_wow_yes_yas:




I was not expecting Till the World Ends to be the finale song, but maybe I should’ve paid attention to the finale of Piece of Me! :queenflopga_pink_sass_walking_away_bye:

Symone slayed it and I’m so happy she’s our new queen! :yasqueen_yes_wow_crying_praise_tears_wipe_sad:



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I loved to know Britney was the first artist chosen for this. I hoped any of the finalist queens would make a reveal with a FREE BRITNEY legend, that would have've been iconic.


Im glad SYMONE won the season. I'm also relief that Kandy was finally eliminated. :clicktina_xtina_christina_aguilera_mouse_computer:

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7 hours ago, MortalMarshmallow said:

Symone won? That was the right winner indeed :clap1_britney_clapping_chaotic_night_yay_cheer_excited:. I'm not from the U.S. and my go to sites for watching Rupaul dont work anymore :nydisgust_miss_new_york_tiffany_gross_pollard_ew:.


Kandy is just personality, not style, so relieved she couldn't sass her way to the crown nicki minaj queen GIF.

try this: https://www4.watchserieshd.tv/

it's on the main page. The search sometimes doesn't work, but you can go through the pages of recently updated shows.


I wish Gotmilk or Kandy won. Symone's performance was so repetitive. 

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