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Justin Bieber performs "Lonely" at a men's prison

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Justin Bieber dropped by the California State Prison in L.A. County to support the prison's faith-based programs. 

He performed one of his new songs titled "Lonely" for a small group of prisoners.

This is actually pretty cool he did this. Good for him.

Thoughts, Exhale? 

Also, please keep the prison jokes to a minimum :mariahstare_carey_annoyed_um_irritated:





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7 minutes ago, Midnight said:

how depressing imagine being locked up and then having justin bieber go sing of all his songs LONELY to you in jail. :selenerz_selena_crying_tears_sad:


Honestly this is lowkey SHADY LMAOOOOO


LIke come on. Sing something a little more uplifting for those men. They're in ******* prison ffs :jackk_alien:

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What in the world is this shannainghans right here. You got people who work hard and try to follow the law paying thousands to see you and your like but my real fans are gangsta and criminals.... what is going on Americaaaaa... I am seriously scared for the country and for the human race. My mind cant take it anymore. 

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