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Would Lady Gaga's "ARTPOP" win a Grammy in 2021?

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There's been a lot of talk about ARTPOP recently. 

Little Monsters are campaigning for Gaga to release a sequel. She actually addressed the chatter recently. The movement gained so much momentum that the record hit #1 on iTunes worldwide.

Vulture wrote an article about it and suggests the album would probably win a Grammy in 2021. 

I have to stan and agree, however I'm wondering if you agree? Do you think ARTPOP was ahead of it's time (like Bionic :chrissy_xtina_head_tilt_purse_sass:)? Or should we leave it in 2013.


In many ways, the album reinvented electronic-pop music. Though that’s what Lady Gaga has always done as an artist — she translates emotional labor into better listening experiences; her music is spiritual to the point of ecstasy, with lyrics that evoke memories and fantasies of romance or s** or agony



ARTPOP showcases the most extreme, weirdly gobsmacking of Gaga’s creative ability; it honors pop music in a way that other albums of its generation do not. It’s hot, it’s fashion, it’s robotically synced to Lady Gaga’s artistic intentions. It’s also some of the singer’s most revealing work.



ARTPOP has been resurrected, but it never actually died, though it did rebel against all the preset industry standards for mainstream music at the time. The only awards nod the album ever received was a Billboard Music Awards nomination for Top Electronic/Dance Album. It’d probably win a Grammy today.


Thoughts, Exhale?




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I'm kind of sick of the recent Artpop hype; I loved the album from the beginning, so seeing a bunch of stans and publications suddenly rushing to defend it after I defended it for years annoys me because it seems like bandwagoning now. That said,  I dunno whether it would win a Grammy or not if released this year. Then again if that crappy Joanne remix could win a Grammy, then clearly there would be nothing to stop Artpop from at least being nominated.

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3 hours ago, FemmeFataleBrit said:

It wasn’t ahead of its time at all. It’s just an excuse her fans came up with because it flopped. It was exactly for its time.


I mean... we never say ‘Britney Jean’ was ahead of its time because it flopped, do we now?

Artpop gives me "Bionic was ahead of it's time" 😂😂

Britney and Britney fans aren't arrogant enough to think that she's avant garde like gaga fans are (it's just euro dance like a pop tarts but apparently her lyrics are deep) like no shade Gaga has pipes but she's not original or ahead of her time her records are products of their time. People were just so sick of her back shtick back then, when she became big it was a breath of fresh air because their was noone really in pop that had that mystic and she had some good tunes then she drank her own coolade and her fans were worse than Jehovah's witnesses omg "I'm a little monster" peak cringe and she was going around throwing up on people and ****. 


That's why she had to spend the next six years reinventing herself because the times had changed 

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21 hours ago, Jordan Miller said:

Do you think ARTPOP was ahead of it's time (like Bionic :chrissy_xtina_head_tilt_purse_sass:)?


20 hours ago, Isla said:

I’m not sure how ahead of its time it was.


12 hours ago, FemmeFataleBrit said:

It wasn’t ahead of its time at all.


8 hours ago, Armchairrevolution said:

Artpop gives me "Bionic was ahead of it's time" 😂😂

Honesly, no offense but people who think ARTPOP was ahead of its time were probably 14 year old in 2013 and never experienced the whole Dubstep/Brostep craze from 2009 to 2012... If you were a bit following EDM and Dubstep culture from the early 2010s like Rusko, Zeds Dead, Skrillex, Flux Pavillon and all that stuff you will notice that ARTPOP wasn't anything new,  in fact Gaga was like 5 years late when she released that album , dubstep was already kinda losing its momentum, it was the beginning of the end for Dubstep, that sound was already around for YEARS before ARTPOP was released. :mj_reading_paper_michael_jackson_blinking_glasses:


Also the instrumentals of Mary Jane Holland and a few other songs were not made specifically for the album, there are some productions on the album that were like from 2011 and Gaga just bought the beats from Madeon and Zedd.

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