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Domination How Long Would it Have Lasted?

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I personally don’t think Domination would’ve lasted very long at all. Definitely not as long as Piece of Me. 

When Britney joined Vegas, she was essentially the main attraction along with Céline Dion and she brought in a much younger crowd. 

Then when all these other younger artists came along, Britney had way more competition and I feel like she would’ve done it for a few months/up to a year and then quit.

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Well even if it did go ahead there would have been no shows last year or even this year because of the pandemic. 

I imagine she would have done Feb-May 2019 (? i think that’s how long she had planned to do the first leg?), then maybe take a break and do more shows from August-November 2019 or something. 

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I highly doubt it would've lasted more than 1 or 2 years. 


1) The low ticket sales. They really failed to hype it up - what did we get not long before the show was supposed to start - a b/w poster, a few rehearsal videos, an announcement of an announcement and a power point presentation...nothing was really fitting the icon that Spears is. 

2) We know team B - maybe that were planning on recycling all the stuff from POM and make it 'more cool and street'

3) The choreography. At least from what we saw, Spears' style was kind of free style and really having anything to do with doing the same stuff as the backup dancers. This would've made the show easier for her but it would've also made it less entertaining. 


I am so glad it did not happen. 

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just because the shows weren't sold out it doesn't mean she wasn't selling. I don't know the exact numbers, but I remember at the time it looked very similar to the latest legs of POM. POM towards the end wasn't selling out either, but they would normally fill up close to the date of the show, I guess mostly tourists that just happened to be there the day/week of a given show.

I think they would've gone through all the dates from 2019, then the first months next year until the pandemic hit. 

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