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Fandoms You Left and Why

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21 minutes ago, HolyTrinity said:


Ya and? That country that ripped resources and money from the many countries they colonized? The countries that are doing so poorly today thanks to them? 
any questions? 

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The fan who left Jamie Lynn Spears fandom should be in this thread. 

None really. But then again, the only fandom I've ever joined is Britney's.

I was an Ariana Grande fan 2015-2020. I just lost interest in her after Positions album. I think her new songs, music videos etc. suck and most of it is just not for me anymore. It sounds kinda bad bu

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10 minutes ago, Britneyarmy8 said:

Ya and? That country that ripped resources and money from the many countries they colonized? The countries that are doing so poorly today thanks to them? 
any questions? 

Ok you just said the first cliche that crossed your mind. We went from Shakira to colonitazion. 

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What an awesome thread.

Hilary Duff - love/hate. Mostly love. She isn’t that interested in her music when she has a lot of potential so that’s annoying but I still follow and support her. Just not as crazy now. 

Ariana - I actually got into her when the Sweetner era started but it was short lived once the album came out and I found it boring lol 

Avril/Nelly Furtado/Ashlee Simpson - very early 2000s but I loved their music so much and stunned so hard. It was a moment lol 

The only artists I think I still stan hard are Taylor, Britney and like I said, sometimes Hilary. I’ll always cheer her on. 

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Britney and Christina. I will always follow what they do and hope for the best but after a decade of dissapointments Im just over being a Stan. I know they each have their reasons and thats totally fine but I just came to the realization that It was mostly nostalgia for me. I didnt like 90% of what they did post 2010. I consider myself a very casual fan now. If they both retired tomorrow and would have a very happy life,  I would be happy for them and totally fine. 

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On 4/20/2021 at 1:01 AM, ALBAVEASP said:

This is so true. I mean, there's absolutely no issue if artists start using their music to advocate and spread out good message, but it's becoming a niche if they've been doing it continuously. Music is one thing to escape from reality. And sometimes, you just need a stupid pop song to sing-along and dance to be elated.

I personally think her hardcore fans and critics are the ones keeping Beyonce relevant. :mj_reading_paper_michael_jackson_blinking_glasses:

OMG SAMEEE. I miss her music during the beginning up until Sasha Fierce. It just went downhill after that for me...

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Stan... no :cheese_Britney_awkward_cringe_eek: but I was a fan of ashlee Simpson’s first two albums  :raven_thats_so_simone_talking_telling_preaching: then she stopped recording good music.


My love for normani lasted  a month :raven_thats_so_simone_talking_telling_preaching: she has the talent but no one give her the change to shine.


gaga nah, Ariana nah, I really like what miley is doing, Selena I find sound of her material experimental but she is so boring. Demi... I was enjoying so much melon cake but the cookies mess happened and now I just think in Karen when is see her :raven_thats_so_simone_talking_telling_preaching:


love dua lipa music thought  


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17 hours ago, I'mNotTheAverageLady said:

Ooh and I'm going to listen to Jojo's unreleased material, because I haven't yet! I'm excited. I only really started to discover her a year ago, I love her as a person too. I never seen/met any JoJo stans, I don't know if there's a platform for them (probably twitter) 

I think some of Victoria's new songs have similar vibes to New Love, I love that one too:)

Jojo :ohwut_gaga_sunglasses_shocked_surprised_what_huh:


This would be a top 10 hit 10 years ago. 

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12 hours ago, Britneyarmy8 said:

Are u the Barcelona police? 3/4 of ur essay is about Shakira who basically rode around Barcelona filmed a music video had fun with the locals and got a minor fine cause she didn’t have permission to do it.... and ur mad over that? Please.... also that video of her blasting skrillex happened one time and even Britney and so many other celebs have blasted music out of their cars? Bye.... Shakira is the best thing that happened to that Spaniard country. Nextttttt

Also she was living in the Bahamas here’s a quote for u “ 

It said the singer had always met her tax obligations in every country where she had worked and did not own taxes to the Spanish state.

“As soon as she learned how much she owed the Spanish tax authorities – and before a complaint was filed – Shakira paid the full amount”.

“As well as providing the tax office with exhaustive information. For this reason, there is currently no debt whatsoever.”



Well the topic is about why we left fandoms and i just gave my opinion. (?) If you are upset it is your problem. Also "That Spaniard country" and its people deserve respect. There was an investigation, they collected several witnesses. She has the obligation to do her taxes right, that is the law. Not knowing the law is not an excure. People go to prison for the same "mistake".

Also the day she went to BCN to film, it was to get attention from her lover, the football player, that at the time was still with his girlfriend! The song says basically "he is now in love with me, and forgot about you" to do that is pretty low for a 33 y/o at the time. Shakira made a mess in the city, the mass went crazy and accidents could have happened. If you are a professional, be a professional. She was just impulsive because she needed the attention from him.

I could tell you more, I have a lot of insights from people who work in the same field as me, but that is not the point. The point was why i left he fandom.

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13 hours ago, Britneyarmy8 said:

Ya and? That country that ripped resources and money from the many countries they colonized? The countries that are doing so poorly today thanks to them? 
any questions? 

Look this happened 500 years ago, you cannot blame all problems to the colonization.You have to let go at some point, otherwise there would never be peace between countries.

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The only artists I’ve only being a fan of is Britney and Christina. The rest more casual. 

I don’t consider myself a fan anymore, I’m 28 now and I feel like it’s changing. They don’t put out music anymore that blows my mind. After Femme Fatale and Lotus it’s been dissapointing me, album after album. I still like them, but not as obsessed as I used to be.

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17 hours ago, SUCCESSICA IS A QUEEN said:

I have left every fandom, some because of their toxic fanbase (Britney Army), except for the Successica Army. We are unproblematic, have a keen sense of humor and recognize TALENT. giphy.gif @Rick101 can attest!

:chershade_red_wig_oh_hair_hmm: yes did you buy one her pairs of shoes recently? :sendinglove_kissing_heart_love_blowing: it’s called being a business mogul with fashion sense :orly_oh_britney_surprised_wow_excited: we are elite 

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Ironically (cause I am posting in a Britney forum) I have never belonged to a fanbase. Honestly, I profoundly dislike when people live paying so much attention to someone they don`t even know. I think it is just a distraction from really looking into your own life and focusing on your goals. I respect it, and yet can`t help but feel surprised when people know the ins and outs of chart records, sales numbers and all these extreme details as if they were their own achievements. It`s, in a way, vicariosuly living through an avatar, but it is never really you. It is a good escape for some, I am sure, and as with every escape, it can help for a while, but at the end, your life is not changing a bit by knowing how many records X or Y broke.

I admire aspects of people, works of art, pieces of their minds, but there is not one person that I blindly love. I like and root for Britney, I feel she has struggled a lot,  but there is also a lot that I don`t like and I don`t see her as a goddess or anything or a perfect person. I have never used the term Godney. That goes with almost everyone. I love Taylor`s two last records. I was impressed with the layers of complexity and imagery in her writing. Even then, I still think she was extremely overrated with her previous records. I dislike how she weaponizes her fanbase and I could go on and on about why i dislike to belong to a "mass" mind controlled by a "leader" of doubtful character.

Precisely because of this lack of independent and critical thinking towards their "leader," fanbases tend to be toxic in one way or another. Don`t get me wrong, there are lovely people capable of helping one another and being nurturing, but when you kind of surrender your critical thinking in the name of supporting someone, that is dangerous.

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