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Lance Bass says Gen Zers who don't know NSYNC is a result of bad parenting


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The disrespect. Learn your history, children!

If anything, you're allowed to only know the name of the band and Justin 'The Jerk' Timberlake's (it's official, learn it that way), and not Lance's or any other member (JC Chasez should be included too but that would be asking too much to these short-term memory individuals)

Remember that Lance is the gay member in the band, so he's allowed to be sassy. So yes, it's bad parenting!

Now go stream "No Strings Attached" and learn something... or at least update those TikTok dances.

* goes prepare some tea and sit on a couch *

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3 hours ago, Invitation said:

Episode 4 is very intense!

Ooh really? I'm looking forward to it then! I'm watching with a friend of mine over Teleparty. I watched the UK version as well which ended its third series almost two weeks ago. 

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15 hours ago, Invitation said:

lance-bass-the-circle.jpeg.2cd4fd48aaf4846622b44a7f37c6181c.jpegDo you think it's because of bad parenting or because Lance Bass is not as popular among the younger generation?

Did you really make a topic about this and end it with this? 
What kind of question is that? Obviously he is being sarcastic! 

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15 hours ago, Hooked-On-Knee said:

As the youngest person on Exhale, even my mother doesn't remember him. Maybe he's just local? :decisions_britney_thinking_confused_focusing_unsure_xfactor_bw_black_white: :idkha_mariah_i_dont_know_her_pink_idk_shake_no:

I didn't know about him till Britney, so. :duadance_lipa_new_rules_green_pink_dancing:

Same. Learned about them through Britney:riha_rihanna_cackle_laughing_lol_haha_hehe_lmao_hand: I obviously know their hit song Bye Bye Bye thanks to mall radios. But they are not even has beens in my country, I don't think their shortlived craze ever reached middle eastern europe

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As a gen z’r who grew up with much older siblings and got their hand me down ipods  stockpiled with early 2000s music that has now made me a fan of Britney Shakira, and a lover of 90s/2000s rnb and pop I can wholeheartedly say that not listening to BSB or nsync was a full on choice 

u are not good enough for me to visit ur discography 

now excuse me while I listen to some Aaliyah, bye

edit: if I had to choose tho *NSYNC>bsb

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