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Madonna releases HD version of what it feels like for a girl to celebrate it's 20th anniversary.

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In order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of "what it feels like for a girl" 


Madonna releases a digital maxi single with all the club remixes including the highly sought That Chris Caligua 2001 Club Mix which was only available via A two CD promotion called GHV2 Remixed 1992-2001 The best club anthems of a decade. 


It's extremely rare Amazon asks for 850.00 for the set which was only available via Promo to DJS. 

The controversial video is also in HD, the video was banned by MTV, but oxygen played the hell out of it. Both the song and the video is seen as a #Metoo anthem. 

Set to the Above and Beyond Video Mix, Madonna is seen getting ready, she leaves her hotel the 9 turns to 6 and forms 666, she hotwired the car. 


Front side of the license say *****, the back says Cat, she picks up her real Grandmother, at the ol Kuntz guest home, they go for a drive. The events are about to be bad for some men on this night out..


She sees guys wink at her at a stoplight, she does a U Turn, they watch in horror as she crashes them into the traffic..


She stops at a bank, u see tasers go up and sparks, cuts to Madonna taking a wad of cash and they guy is passed out..


They stop at a sonic, she orders fries for herself and a soda for her grandmother, she gives the waitress 2,000 in cash, cops think somethings not right,  she drives by them, points a gun at them (apparently my friend says this is why they banned it), and shoots water in their eyes. They are pissed go after her, but thx to her instant stop to a kids playing hockey, she pushes their car into the innocent bystanders  (Apparently guy begged her to stop this, as he was afraid this could hurt him badly) she stops the car, throws the fries in the bin and goes to a gas station where the biggest crime is about to happen.


She gasses the car up, gets her grandma out, and goes to a red Thunderbird vintage! Takes the car while it's being gassed up, a man realizes his car is being stolen, tries to stop her, But Madonna sets the area on fire by lighting a lighter and dropping it..the scenes cut out faster to Madonna at the hotel, various ids, a tattoo that went to love and then loved to beloved to the car crashing at a traffic stop post, alluding to suicide murder as it just shows that. 


The video and the drowned world tour imagery according to biographer J. Randy Taraborrelli was based on vengeance against men, Particularly Male Authorities and fathers which is a common theme for Madonna. He also states one has to ask her own father, how he feels that he and Josn was always painted in a negative light compared to her own mother Madonna Fortin (Madonna was named after her beloved Mother)


One also has to wonder how all her brothers feel about the anger that he had towards them. older sister Paula has said. It probably would have been best if she lived with a relative that could focus just on her and gave her the attentions she needed and craved. Joan several times felt like she was walking on egg shells cos Madonna viewed as the Bish that replaced Mom. 

Enjoy the video 

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Spice, I love your threads because they're always schooling the children, but my gawd you need to learn how to edit yourself... You make me go from amazing thread amazing topic I didn't know that omg yes that's great to what the hell who said what?! Like, I seriously recommend you start backing up your statements with actual sources or just share the basics because I don't know what to comment on your post, I feel like I just watched a whole movie!

...but I love you :)

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Love the original version of the song, not that awful remix that totally ruins the warmness of the song. That said, the video was interesting even though it hardly had anything to do with the lyrics of the song. I think she just wanted to do something edgy to end the Music era. 

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16 hours ago, Stefani said:

the video was interesting even though it hardly had anything to do with the lyrics of the song. I think she just wanted to do something edgy to end the Music era. 

I actually think the opposite, I don't think it was a random video idea at all. I'm not sure what exactly she wanted to transmit, but there are so many possible meanings behind it... Since it's a feminist song, maybe she tried to show what men usually do in movies (always violent, and no one complaints) but as a woman (the world was actually shocked and mad when the video came out), and how it should actually be OK because "it's OK to be (or act like a) boy"; or to show exactly what it feels like for a girl, or how they are feeling right now: OUTRAGED!

But her point with this was basically this: it's not really about WHAT she's doing in the video what enfuriates people, but the fact that it's a woman doing it.


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