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Re-recording her albums in her natural voice? (Britney’s Version)

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9 hours ago, The Greatest Show said:

because she cant ******* sing it live and people would like her to sing live. The older she gets and the less dancing she does the more ridiculous lipsyncing to vocals from 2000 will get. 

Nothing like hearing Britney lip sync the opening to Slave 4 U — “I know I may be young” — during POM using vocals from almost 2 decades ago! :byetina_xtina_Christina_aguilera_pink_leave_bye_walk_leave_carpet_cheetah_hat: :queenie_falling_dying_dead:

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8 hours ago, lustwecantcontrol said:

I think it would be cool if Britney re-recorded some of the BOMT/Oops singles with how her voice sounds now...the entire albums I think is unnecessary however. I was actually really excited when there were rumors she was re-recording BOMT for The Singles Collection! 

Butttt she didnt rerecord for the singles collection. U can clearly hear its the same exact song from the album...

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7 hours ago, BUWYGF said:

This was stated in her contract post BJ. After BJ she signed up for 4 new albums with RCA, Glory being the first. The contract stated she owns all her masters from the beginning of her career to that day. I know it leaked back in 2014 and I read through it. They also agreed to let Britney make 75% of decisions when it comes to an album, hence why Glory really was produced according to her own vision :mhm_britney_nodding_yes_mhmm:

I find it hard to believe until I see it. If Britney had all the master rights she would be the richest pop star in the world. We shouldn't have to worry about the ridiculous $ 60 million in your estate anymore. It would just be peanuts compared to the master rights to their music. Especially since she practically wrote no song herself. I basically don't believe everything that's published. But I like to learn. But the logical facts speak against it for me. Britney's music rights were never evaluated while under guardianship. And although they are the most valuable asset Britney possesses?  I think she does not have the master rights. Most stars do not have the rights to their music. Even the Beatles didn't have all the mastery rights. They were in the possession of Michael Jackson's estate.

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12 hours ago, The Greatest Show said:

i lowered the pitch of some of her songs to hear what it would sound like. I think they sound good. Especially if you would update the instrumentals.


Wow I never realized how high pitched her songs are.

I bet that she sings with her low voice but they squeak it up like a chipmunk when they are editing the songs.

Also Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know sounds BETTER in her lower voice than the actual recording

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On 4/16/2021 at 2:21 AM, Britman512 said:

So you guys know how Taylor is re-recording all her records in order to own them 

what if Britney did this too! It would be a great way for her to introduce her natural voice to us with songs we already know and love 

and I’m certain that when Britney is freed from this conservatorship they’re gonna fight nail and tooth to hold on to her masters


I think she should re-record the "Britney Jean (2003)" album... an acoustic version or something in that line!


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I think there's some misconceptions about her vocals everywhere. 
She can def pull off singing pretty much every song of her first 3 albums (and most of the In the Zone) without problem. It wasn't unaturally pitched. She and her label made the choice of singing in a higher register. And that's ok.
What I don't think she CAN do is perform them live (as people expect her perfomances to go) while heavy dancing, doing backhandsprings & splits and all... No one can...
Her biggest mistake is lipsyncing to her studio recordings (sometimes OLD recordings). If she choose to go the way that Pink, Beyonce, Gaga go (redoing them with a live backtrack, so to be more believable)... she wouldn't get that much flack.
Of course smoking for almost 20 years has taken a toll on her stamina and the ability with swiftless going from note to note with ease; she also hasn't been a careful vocalist (her vocal exercises are probably limited to the few months every other year when she's recording new material)... so it would demand her dedication to go back into being fit to sing a whole concert live. Not impossible, but hard work would need to be involved. 

Just listen to her studio recording from "Break the Ice", "Monalisa", "Toxic", "When I Found You"... they're all pretty high, but she pulled them off with grace.

She's vocally gifted for sure. Just became a "lazy" vocalist

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