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"Hold Me Closer" is rumored to arrive on August 19th.  Pre-save. 🚀🌹

Madonna in Gucci, announces the Madame X special is done

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While it took 600 edits, and one final approval by the lady herself ( it takes time for a perfectionist to get the way they want their own work out for the public, their way) but alas it's here Madame X live in Portugal. 

Dressed in Gucci, Madonna announced via by renting a 500 theaters with only 12 people in attendance, cos queens have to social distance to avoid the virus.

Madame X is coming soon!

So it's not finished, but it's coming it takes 7 months, but not everybody gets their favs tours on a format to be seen.

Madonna understood that market better than anybody ever did, fans want a way to relive the concert, and what better way than a home video release, sales get bigger cos people who didn't attend, gets to see the artist in action themselves. 

Despite the mixed reception of the album, everybody agreed, that the intention of the album, came across better on the stage show, as Madonna made the album to be performed. Even some critics agree, that only she can make the album, better appreciated via the tour.

She knew what she did, but albums should never be made to be just for the tour to execute it, but visual artists, don't get that message when it comes to do studio music. madonna-movie.jpg.a6262ee30f8ac7ed8783194a7e84b34d.jpg

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4 hours ago, sparrowhawk said:

so this is a live concert dvd release? :mhmnod_yes_agree_nodding:

Madonna way, yes. She likes it with effects and like a movie. But each time she's involved everybody gets headaches cos of all 342 camera shots in one frame..

@iAlwaysSingLiveknows what I mean..


The rebel heart tour home release had a strobing effect, my friend watched it once, he had a seizure, it's his favorite tour of hers and it's a medical hazard for him to watch it. 

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I'm sorry but her tour DVDs suck. I remember watching the Confessions Tour DVD and getting annoyed within just the first 10 minutes by the constant point-of-view changes and special effects that distracted from Madonna's performances. I'd rather watch amateur fan videos of her tours now than watch that "official" crap.

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2 hours ago, Matiz said:

so are we still in Madame X era? :waitwhat_britney_lights_out_scared_um_confused_what:

We are always in the same era until the live visual album comes out. But we got a new Madonna remix ep today, her feminist anthem, which Is now praised thanks to #Metoo, even Melissa Etheridge praised it, critics said the best track really outshone all the other tracks on Music, and it's her last song to be sung fully in Spanish

"Lo Que Siente La Mujer" aka What it Feels Like for A Girl, I forgot one of her few underrated gems was released 20 years ago as a single, is the best selling dvd single of all time, thanks to MTV banning it due to Violent content, which @iAlwaysSingLive I thought it was stupid of MTV, cos I saw far worst violence in videos that wasn't banned on mtv. 

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33 minutes ago, Spicechinodiva said:

But we got a new Madonna remix ep today

I don't really listen to remixes, so the only reason why I care about these maxi singles/EPs is the HQ album art. It's a shame they haven't included any rare b-sides so far. They had the opportunity to release Let Down Your Guard and Cyber-Raga. History has been on streaming services for forever, so I don't really get why they're so stingy with the rest of her b-sides. 

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Warning: a rant.

I'm so disappointed with what she's become as an artist... I understand the importance and need to be in control, but art should also have margin to flow and even be spontaneous at times, especially if we're talking about a LIVE show! I think that she (Madonna, from all the artists in the world...) is mixing and confusing the live stage with a taped performance... She wants a live performance (actually, I'm sure she filmed many for this) to look like an over-produced movie. What the hell? Why... Also, the editing of her last tours have been awful, annoying to watch, constantly disruptive, even tacky. I swear I've seen some clips which were almost a series of STILL PHOTOGRAPHS... That's how far she's going to achieve this so-called "perfection". I think she just lost the confidence in her stage presence, and she's afraid to not entertain the masses. In all honesty, she can't. At least not now. Technology is wrecking people's ability to pay attention and get deep into things, so she's fighting a lost cause... while looking ridiculous at it.

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