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An open letter to Britney's court-appointed attorney Sam Ingham telling him to end the conservatorship

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54 minutes ago, feo said:

GOOD!   Ingham has not done anything to end the conservatorship in the past 2 years (let alone the last 13 years).  FREE BRITNEY NOW!!!

He have tried to get her father suspended. He have given us the papers that shows us what britney wants ( to have her father removed) he have objected to papers to make Jamie and his stupid team explain their big billings, and he made Andrew Wallet take his application back. Done nothing? I guess he should go back to do nothing then..

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5 hours ago, joanhs said:

He have tried to get her father suspended. He have given us the papers that shows us what britney wants ( to have her father removed) he have objected to papers to make Jamie and his stupid team explain their big billings, and he made Andrew Wallet take his application back. Done nothing? I guess he should go back to do nothing then..


Ingham has accomplished a lot in a short amount of time — especially considering how slowly the court system operates.

The conservatorship isn't nearly as simple as fans make it out to be. 

Right now Jamie has legal control over her brand — including her LLC's, her trademarks, her social media, her contracts, and every single thing that allows her to generate future income. 

It's far better to disentangle herself from him slowly and methodically, imo, than to do it in one fell swoop and risk being tied up in the civil courts for years to come.

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10 minutes ago, Alexanda said:

Do you really think, she cries over this? :girlwhat_um_meme_guy_surprised_shocked: I like to believe that she is thankful for the support, because it's beyond tickets / cds / music and Sam A. agreed. 

That's your belief, and you're entitled to it. 

She's told us she appreciates the "informed support" of her fans...She hasn't asked fans to personally engage themselves with the court system.

There's a fine line there, and sometimes fans cross it.

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This is the template for anyone who wants to send this letter/email.



Samuel D. Ingham III
Law Offices of Samuel D. Ingham III
111 W Topa Topa Street, Suite 8
Ojai, CA 93023-3260

Re: Open letter to Counsel Samuel D. Ingham III
Petition to Terminate the Conservatorships of Britney Jean Spears

Mr. Ingham:

Please allow this correspondence to serve as notice of our formal request to you.

We are the #FreeBritney movement: a collective of advocates including (but not limited to) accountants, lawyers, journalists, and other professionals. #FreeBritney is dedicated to the safety and well-being of Britney Jean Spears, the person. We also advocate against conservatorship/guardianship abuse.  

As you are aware, for approximately two (2) years, our movement has dedicated itself to shedding light on what appear to be highly improper and questionable conservatorships of the person and estate over Ms. Spears (collectively referred to as “the Conservatorship”).

The Conservatorship was placed on Ms. Spears in 2008 due to her alleged “incapacity” to reasonably look after herself and her finances. However, given Ms. Spears’s astounding personal and professional accomplishments over the past thirteen (13) years, it is very difficult to believe that a conservatorship is — or ever was — necessary. Such a process is meant to be used as an absolute last resort.

Among her many achievements since 2008, Ms. Spears has managed to: record four (4) studio albums; learn intricate choreography routines to perform on stage in front of hundreds of thousands of people in four (4) world tours and a four (4) year Las Vegas residency; record fifteen (15) music videos; participate in numerous television and radio interviews; record various documentaries and commercials; form romantic relationships; participate in the raising of her two (2) children; and even mentor other children in the reality competition television show, “The X Factor.”

Your role in this suspicious — if not fraudulent — Conservatorship gives us reasonable cause for concern, particularly based on the following non-exhaustive list of facts (all relevant sources have been hyperlinked in the herein letter):

(a.) Firstly, according to media reports, after a brief interview of about fifteen (15) minutes with Ms. Spears on or about February 3, 2008, you determined that she “did not understand” the nature of the [Conservatorship] proceedings, nor the impact the process could have on her affairs. During that short interview, you apparently also had sufficient time to conclude that Ms. Spears “lacks the capacity to retain direct counsel.” You then submitted these allegations to the Court, which was presided by Commissioner Reva Goetz.

According to a February 4, 2008 order, the Court expressly relied on your allegations and on the declarations of J. Edward Spar, M.D. Thus, on February 4, 2008, Commissioner Goetz found that Ms. Spears “does not have the capacity” to retain counsel. As such, Adam Streisand was excluded from the proceedings, despite appearing to be Ms. Spears’s choice of counsel. That order also confirmed your ongoing role as Probate Volunteer Panel (PVP) counsel for Ms. Spears, since your appointment on February 1, 2008.

Per relevant court Minutes, as Ms. Spears’s PVP attorney, you had also used that opportunity to “waive” Ms. Spears’s appearance during such important proceedings and accepted the service of relevant documentation on her behalf. Letters of Temporary Conservatorship were extended on that date.

(b.) Secondly, pursuant to relevant filings by Ms. Spears’s conservators, there was a coordinated effort to prevent Ms. Spears from receiving proper legal notice of the Conservatorship proceedings as otherwise required by Cal. Prob. Code Section 2250(c). Ms. Spears was in an involuntary Cal. Welf. & Inst. Code Section 5150 hold at the time.

However, it does not seem that you ever objected to that effort. As mentioned above, you even went so far as to waive her appearances at proceedings.  

(c.) Thirdly, according to attorney Jon Eardley’s filing in federal court:

“[Ms. Spears’s] rights have been significantly violated because without the right to notice and a hearing, many, if not all, of Britney’s other rights under the constitution have been deprived, including the right to freedom of association under the First Amendment; the right to due process under the Fifth Amendment; the right to counsel of her own choosing and the right to meet with counsel in private under the Sixth Amendment; the right to a jury trial under the Seventh Amendment; and the right to a fair trial where she is afforded equal protection of the law under the Fourteenth Amendment. Such a significant deprivation of rights cannot be cavalierly disregarded in the name of obtaining an extraordinarily restrictive conservatorship.”

Mr. Eardley was another attorney that Ms. Spears appeared to have chosen to assist her in fighting this Conservatorship. However, this choice of counsel seems to have also been denied to her.

(d.) Fourthly, you seemingly failed to ever object or challenge the serious allegations from one (1) or more of her co-conservators that Ms. Spears had a degenerative condition “related to dementia” as per relevant court filings. Ms. Spears was twenty-six (26) years old at the time.

Such allegations were in fact proven false just a few weeks after Ms. Spears was deemed “incapacitated.” On or about March 24, 2008, the television show “How I Met Your Mother” aired an episode guest-starring Ms. Spears. Ms. Spears was apparently capable enough to memorize lines for this acting role, despite the allegations and findings as to her condition and capacity.

Within a few weeks of Ms. Spears’s guest-starring role, she was confirmed to be recording a new studio album. Just a few months after that, she embarked on a grueling world tour.

(e.) Fifthly, you have submitted that Ms. Spears lacks the capacity to file declarations thereby effectively silencing her and positioning yourself as her only voice in these proceedings.

(f.) Further, pursuant to relevant court filings and orders, since 2008 you had been receiving weekly payments for your services from Ms. Spears’s estate of amounts not exceeding $10,000.00. Per recent court filings, you have requested payment of $859,697.50 from Ms. Spears’s estate for 29 months of services in your capacity as her court-appointed counsel.

These facts — coupled with the capabilities that Ms. Spears has shown during the Conservatorship’s existence — lead us to question whether you have been complicit in its unlawful, or otherwise improper, continuance.

It is reasonably evident that in the past thirteen (13) years you have repeatedly failed in your ethical duties to abide by your client’s wishes and represent her best interests. After all, in the 2008 documentary “Britney: For the Record,” Ms. Spears not only publicly expressed her wishes to be freed from the Conservatorship, but she also confirmed that she was not being heard by anyone. In a 2020 interview with “As NOT Seen on TV,” Ms. Spears’s brother, Bryan Spears, confirmed that “she’s always wanted to get out of” the Conservatorship. In court submissions, you even confirmed that Ms. Spears is “afraid” of her father.

Nonetheless, instead of promptly seeking to remove Ms. Spears from the Conservatorship — which she does not want and which has caused her fear (and potentially even harmed her) — you have spent the past two (2) years charging her estate to investigate her father’s management of finances. We are well aware that those proceedings are still in the very early stages and that a final determination of those issues could still be several years away.

As such, the only logical conclusion is that you have failed to either reasonably advise Ms. Spears of her rights to petition to terminate this conservatorship, or you have failed to follow her wishes. Either way, you are likely in breach of Rule 1.2 of the State Bar of California’s Rules of Professional Conduct (“a lawyer shall abide by a client’s decisions concerning the objectives of representation”).

Probate Code Section. 1470(a) also requires that court-appointed lawyers “protect the person’s interests.” A person as clearly capable as Ms. Spears could not possibly have her interests met by any conservatorship (a process that has made her fearful and unhappy).

Given all of your apparent failures, we are concerned there may also be a conflict of interest in your continuing representation of Ms. Spears. There is a distinct probability that you may be looking to protect yourself, rather than focusing solely on Ms. Spears’s best interests. Such a conflict of interest would put you in breach of Rule 1.7 of the Rules of Professional Conduct.

As such, we are also troubled by the strong likelihood that Ms. Spears may be in a position where she is unduly influenced by you.

Thus, we hereby formally request that you petition to terminate the Conservatorship of Ms. Spears by Sunday, May 9, 2021. Should you fail to do so, we intend to demand an investigation at all levels of government into this seemingly fraudulent Conservatorship, and all of the individuals that participated in its creation and permanence.


The #FreeBritney Movement


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Hold me closer ♫ 🚀🌹

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20 minutes ago, Steel Magnolia said:

That's your belief, and you're entitled to it. 

She's told us she appreciates the "informed support" of her fans...She hasn't asked fans to personally engage themselves with the court system.

There's a fine line there, and sometimes fans cross it.

But we respect her private space, it's not like we are stalkers. 

Yap, there is a fine line there, but i like that fans care. 

And no fan or documentary-viewer said: Omg she is a weak woman or something like that, we all know she is a strong woman! 

Maybe she is even afraid of her freedom? Because let's be real here: It's so long ago... 

BUT: We know many facts and how they treated her... 

It's not fair! 

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