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Britney wishes Jamie Lynn a happy birthday (and the pic includes Justin Timberlake)

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Please keep the comments respectful. 

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I hate how they’ve always tried to glorify and big Jamie-Lynn up as the next big thing when she’s SO unlikeable. She’ll never be on Britney’s level.

Hi Cassie!

I wish JL treated Britney with the respect and admiration that she’s given her throughout her life.

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4 hours ago, TakeYourHand said:

I don’t think this is fake sorry. And this is the reason why I told y’all not to spread hate to her family. Funny how I was called Jamie and Lou. I’m sure some of you will continue to believe this isn’t Britney and that’s just ridiculous. It doesn’t fit your irrational narrative. 

It's the way I can't tell if you're trolling, or not:gagasmile_smirk_lady_pink:

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If this was really Britney, she has a serious obsession for her ex Timberlake. Like, that's the only picture she has with her sister?

The timing is just another hint that things are very sketchy behind the scenes, Brit simply forgot JL birthday and remembered today? Lmfao.

But I can see Britney really thinking JL is smarter and stronger than her.

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5 hours ago, Alio said:

For some reasons I feel like this thread is going to be messy. :mjpopcorn_Michael_Jackson_popcorn_chew_eat_movie_watch_thriller::mjpopcorn_Michael_Jackson_popcorn_chew_eat_movie_watch_thriller::mjpopcorn_Michael_Jackson_popcorn_chew_eat_movie_watch_thriller:

When you enter the thread and see the « please keep the comments respectful » orange alert: :inbed_ahs_hotel_sarah_paulson_grin_smirk_cackle_bed_reading_phone:

Seriously, I think we should be careful when commenting on Brit’s fam. Some of the comments on insta are savage :gaga_shocked_stare_lady_dead_white_what_surprised:

That being said, I can’t with this birthday post: the timing, the picture choice, the JL emojis comment... :boredashell_pink_britney_hmm_blink_well_umm:

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8 hours ago, Danielle1987 said:

Cassie, please retire. 

How dare you? Didn't you see she was listed as one of Forbes whatever under whatever I think I am relevant? Gee, more respect youngster. 

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8 hours ago, halfdressed said:



Yes the conservatorship is FKD up but not everything needs all the motherfking dramatic conspiracies. 

Shut up 

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Every year, they post photos from her childhood, when, thanks to her sister, she was somewhere among the celebrities. It's the same thing every year. Well, it's epic how this year Casey forgot to congratulate her on behalf of Britney. And she remembered (or someone hysterically reminded her) only a week later. 


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11 hours ago, TakeYourHand said:

What’s funny to me is that a simple happy bday post to her sister triggers you people enough to debate if it’s really her. Her random posts that showcase different art are never analyzed this much unless the caption is cryptic. Jamie Lynn has nothing to gain over this. Literally nothing. It won’t make or break her career and it certainly doesn’t give her anymore power in the conservatorship. Just because she hasn’t petitioned to end it doesn’t mean she doesn’t love her sister. She’s also a Mom. She also has a career. She can’t put all of her energy into a legal battle and that’s understandable. Britney has shown us for years how close their relationship is and you guys want to disrespect that. Talking about certain situations only adds more fuel but I hope Britney puts the fire out for good soon because I think it’s disgusting. I’m a 30 year old man and I would NEVER talk about another women/Mother that way unless there was literal proof that she was trying to hurt her sister. How dare some of you. And you can come at me but BELIEVE I can do it back. You people are no better than the people who made fun of Britney during her downfall. It’s disgusting and extremely ignorant. 

Are you kidding? Jamie Lynn has clearly sided with Britney's father. She said herself that Britney needs guardianship. With this she is saying that Britney is stupid / naive, cannot handle money and cannot take care of herself. Everyone knows that guardianship was illegally requested in a quick process through a lie (dementia). I have nothing but contempt for Britney's sister. JL didn't do anything for Britney. She's on the wrong side. She's either stupid or misinformed. By the age of 30, JL should have realized that guardianship in Britney's case is wrong.

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To me it's weird that you all hate on JL. You accuse her of so many things while you don't have any proof for that. You might be right with some of your points, but if you accuse her on aspect X you need to proof it! And IG posts are no proofs. Get your facts straight!

I to this point think of JL as a loving sister as long as Britney says the opposite.


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