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Original Doll... What if we have all been wrong?

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On 4/9/2021 at 1:54 PM, studlygeorge said:

That’s what I remember. They said they were promised the track was going to appear on the album and Britney submitted the songs but they rejected all of the work. 

I feel like when that happened Britney was fed up and at a loss. Then the whole thing with Battle of the ***es happened with JT/Timbaland and when Timbaland vowed to never work with her she went under him and got Danja + the whole team from Shock Value to produce Blackout. She didn’t necessarily write or care what was going in the album, but she did pick who was going to work on it. Like the whole album was made out of petty revenge lol. Then again this is just my own theory. I could be wrong. 

This! I feel like the songs from OD era were long forgotten by the time Circus was being produced. They seemed to just have her record as many songs as she could to roll out an album as fast as they could

Haha I like this theory.


Original Doll is like PROJECT RED. Some random creative idea in her head that's not a real thing...... UNLESS Project Red really is about her escaping the C-Ship ;)

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Honestly, I believe that the Britney Jean album is more of a conspiracy than original doll! 

For the record, I refuse to believe that Myah Marie sang 100% of Body Ache, Till it’s Gone, and Work B***. Britney’s presence is there but maybe toned down a bit. 

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Britney fans need to:

1) Stop acting as if Original Doll never existed. Like give Britney some credit.

2) Consider that Original Doll could have been on Britney’s mind simultaneously with the creation of In The Zone, and thought she could come back to some of these songs that never made the cut after releasing the latter. 

Britney started to understand how creating an album works and she knew no one really listened to her ideas, her label was completely against any move that could ruin her streak of smash pop albums. She was so hesitant to introduce Everytime to her label because she thought it was going to be rejected. This is how bad it was for Britney. It’s not hard to guess there were probably many other songs she either hid from the label or were rejected.

There’s another song Michelle Bell recalls that could have been on Original Doll, other than Look Who’s Talking and Take Off (she literally said this song was dedicated to gay people, anti-war message too but label was unimpressed), which is Falling and has a country vibe. 

Stop denying Original Doll existed. Maybe it wasn’t 100% ready, but it was in the works. It doesn’t only represent a music project but also Britney’s courage, love and enthusiasm for music. She has always had so much to say. I dare to say this was the last project Britney worked in with passion and with actual input, because it probably was.

For some insight check this:




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6 hours ago, Alexa James said:

I think it was for in the zone. She recorded that song plus many others with Michelle belle but none of them made the cut. Many fans have conjectured that the songs with Michelle belle were intended for original doll. 

People only assume that as many of these were registered in 2005. But I’m pretty sure Michelle confirmed they were recorded in 2003. Just because a song was registered a certain year doesn’t mean it was recorded then. Rebellion was registered in 2013 but we all know the song was before that year. 

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A few things: An artist writing/recording a song for one album only for it to go onto the next album does happen a lot, even with Britney herself. I learned from a BSMichelle video that Overprotected was intended for Oops I did it Again only for it to be on Britney instead. As I said before, with there being so much conflicting information in regards to this album, it's really hard to know what it true and what it false. Also I just kind of realized that that title Original Doll was shade at the *****cat Dolls. The song Mona Lisa in it's original form may have been shade at them as well, since she felt like the label was replacing her with them and that she couldn't be replaced. IDK just a random thought I had I guess. 

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