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Original Doll... What if we have all been wrong?

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1 hour ago, Goten21 said:

I lowkey don't know if you're agreeing with me or not lmao or maybe my point wasn't really clear


My point is

Original Doll was "halfway done" in December 2004 according to Britney herself.

Britney envisioned Original Doll to be released by mid 2005.

Blackout's earliest recordings were early 2006 according to its producers.

This means NONE of the Original Doll tracks Britney was referring to in that interview made it onto Blackout.


  • The only release we had in 2005 was the Chaotic EP, in which Chaotic, Someday and Mona Lisa were released. This means there are at the very least 3 songs Britney had for the Original Doll that were never released officially.

Lol I might have got confused somewhere ddd but I see where you're coming from. But yeah, whatever she recorded in 2004/2005 isn't on Blackout. 

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On 4/9/2021 at 8:40 AM, Goten21 said:


"it's halfway done" "to be released in fall or early summer" (implying the fall and summer of 2005)

This is a huge contradiction with the info on Blackout's wikipedia


It's obvious SOMETHING happened. Saying they ended up just going onto Blackout is weird. Why would you sit on your demos for 3-4 years? The music industry moves much faster than that... Blackout was already really ahead of its time, I doubt most if any of it was ever ready to see the light of day in 2005



And I feel like no one's saying it was a literal record that was ready to be released. I feel like when you're talking about Original Doll, you know that. You're talking about a bunch of demos that Britney seemed passionate about yet never saw the light of day properly like she seemingly envisioned.

I agree 

many comments saying we don’t know if OD was real, well we don’t if it wasn’t..

I think Britney was fighting for artistic freedom and OD eventually turned into blackout or inspired blackout 

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2 hours ago, Stefani said:

Don't beat me up, but I never liked the concept of this supposed album; Mona Lisa is one of the worst songs in Brit's discography, so imagine that being the lead single from the project. God, we dodged a bullet. 

I actually love that song and I think I would like amazing in performances 

like think Madonna GIF by Vulture.com

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Original Doll was never an album. It was killed off in planning. None of her concepts went into Blackout or Circus. By what we know, one way to describe Original Doll is the "In The Zone Jive Didn't Want Britney To Release." What Michelle Bell said regarding all the actually-ITZ songs she shared with us (not gonna say leaked because the songs were hers as well lmao) that y'all think were for Original Doll makes me think that.

So Mona Lisa, Chaotic, Money Love and Happiness, Take Off were all "Original Doll" vibes except 3 of these were actually ITZ outtakes. And Mona Lisa might as well be one

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On 4/9/2021 at 9:14 AM, MeAgainstTheMusic_ said:

I think Original Doll probably only existed in Britney’s vision. She probably only recorded a handful of songs with very dark lyrics which reflected her life at that time. She was breaking from the very polished “Pop Princess” persona. She wanted to have a voice and be in complete control over her music - are rightly so. 

I imagine her label seen it as too out there and I’ll be really honest - I don’t love Mona Lisa or Chaotic. Someday I Will Understand, My Prerogative, Do Somethin’, I’ve Just Begun are good solid tracks and combined with some of the rejects from the ITZ recordings I think she could have had a really strong album. And Then We Kiss, Strangest Love etc would have made good additions to the album. 

I think once her label pulled it she probably lost all motivation and hence why we eventually ended up with Blackout which is a fantastic album. I think people overhype the actual Original Doll songs. There probably wasn’t that much material and what was there was very demo like.

Yeah, I agree. At the time, Blackout just seemed weird. However, it has now been regarded as one of the best pop albums of all time. I can only imagine how original doll...the vision Britney planned would be perceived.

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On 4/10/2021 at 11:40 PM, Stefani said:

Don't beat me up, but I never liked the concept of this supposed album; Mona Lisa is one of the worst songs in Brit's discography, so imagine that being the lead single from the project. God, we dodged a bullet. 

I mean we only know Mona Lisa was the confirmed track of OD, so judging from yr POV, it could have prob been the Brave New Girl or Why Should I Be Sad of the album, but we might never knew about the actual material except for the fact that it was going to be much more stripped, raw, real, artistic and experimental for a gussied pop act like Britney.

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Mona Lisa and Someday were definitely for The Original Doll and I actually do believe she had started recording an album. Her claim of it being half way finished might have been an exaggeration but I do think it was in the works and I don’t think the tracks were re-purposed for Blackout/Circus. I don’t fully believe Michelle Bell about some of those tracks we’ve gotten that she co-wrote because several of them are similar in vibe to Mona Lisa, I wonder if she calls them ITZ era tracks because they were recorded during the era but after the album...like Mona Lisa was. 

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Maybe she was testing the water that day with Mona Lisa demo, trying to see if people would like it ? 

She doesn't seem so sure about the album in the interview, it doesn't fit the narative of the label cancelling a whole album imo.

If my label was trying to cancel my album and that I was going on radio to defend it, I would have been more vocal. Not telling the whole story but saying a lot more about the album. 

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There was definitely a project. These fanmade albums with unreleased songs sound very cohesive because there was a creative direction she was interested in and it doesn't sound nothing like In The Zone or Blackout. I don't think she went out of her way, walked into a radio station with her dog and came up with "Original Doll" in an interview just to rebel against her label and troll them.

Mona Lisa gets a mention in the beginning of Do Somethin' MV and despite her label literally boycotting her she managed to release it through the Chaotic EP. I'm sure she was passionate about it because she was at her artistic peak but she had so much going on in her personal life.

Blackout is hardly a personal record. She had very little input in the writing of these songs and she doesn't experiment as much with her voice as she did in these leaked songs. I love that album but The Original Doll was going to be the misunderstood gem in her catalogue and the missing link between ITZ and Blackout. :embarrassney_embarrassed_shame_guilt_hide_britney_karaoke_head_shake_no_smh:

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I recently watch a video from pop dissected about Katy Perry's lost debut album and in it he talks about how there's so much conflicting information in regards to that album. I feel the same about "Original Doll". ( I put quotes around the title because in my mind the album title could have easily changed if it got officially released.) There's so much conflicting information in regards to it that I'm not sure if it was ever truly real. However, to the person who said that Britney's pregnancy may have caused this project to be shelved, I do see that as a real possibility since Nelly Furtado released her album Folklore either when she was heavily pregnant or shortly after she gave birth to her daughter (I can't remember the exact release date off hand, I just know fall of 2003 and her daughter was born around that time I believe) and the record tanked because she couldn't do much promotion for it. I think that Britney's pregnancy with Sean Preston did lead Jive to truly shelve the project, which was most likely in the mixing stages if real, because Britney couldn't do any promo for it since she was pregnant at the time. However, I do also agree with a number of you that this project might have been some rough cut demos (2-7 max IMO) that didn't really go anywhere due to the label execs hating it. Lastly, all of the things people have said about "Original Doll" and none of the thing about "Original Doll" could be true because of all the conflicting information surrounding it. It's the Schrodinger's cat of records.

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The way I see it, it was probably like:
- she was already planning a new album during the Onyx Hotel Tour (which kind of fits the story she told in that radio interview).  The label of course gave her a preliminar "green light"... she's so willingly recording new material would be great.
- she started experimenting with new sounds. Testing the water. I think that probably the only songs  we can definetely pin point to this timeframe are Monalisa, Someday and And Then We Kiss.
- she had the knee episode and everything was on hold. When she came back, she probably had already a few demos under her sleeve. She presented them and the label didn't approve. 
- she probably was discouraged from the decision, and already wanting to take a big break (marrying and having children) went along with it. They decided to release a Greatest Hits album instead (considering she wouldn't go back so soon into recording a full album), then a Remix album and also had that little EP from Chaotic. The more fitting (aka more Britney's fanbase friendly) songs each went to either of these albums... 
- when she went back to record Blackout, the concept was a completely different  album from the one she planned a couple years before during the OHT. Pretty much "scrapped".

So that's my take. Original Doll was more the concept she intented for a 5th album, rather than an actuall body of work.

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On 4/9/2021 at 8:05 PM, J in the Mix said:

Maybe The Original Doll is like, the original “project rose” or “project RED/Pink” ... Not real projects but Britney seems to think so LOL

I’m sure she was recording - we know Mona Lisa was part of that vision. But for all we know it could’ve just been Britney rebelling against the industry and talking out of her *** on the radio just to piss off JIVE. 


That's exactly what it was

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2 hours ago, Jordan Miller said:

I would love it if the mainstream media focused more attention on this lost record. :nynod_miss_new_york_ms_nodding_yes_yas_agree:

SAME! The locals need to hear all these great songs that never were.

I also wonder if Britney ever thinks about this album...

I would have loved to have gone on this journey with her. If the "Do Somethin'"  music video vibe was part of that era... I was totally here for it.

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On 4/10/2021 at 8:23 PM, Goten21 said:

Blackout's earliest recordings were early 2006 according to its producers.

Actually she started recording songs for what eventually became Blackout as early as early as 2005 while she was still pregnant with Sean Preston before they released the Chaotic EP with DIsco D and Christopher "Notes" Olsen and then in 2006 with J.R. Rotem and Doug Elkins

Not only that but in typical Britney fashion she was still in the studio by the time In the Zone came out. Jive was planning to re-release the album with both new and older tracks to coincide with the release of Outrageous and the third leg of the Onyx Hotel Tour in July-August 2004

She recorded both The Fugitive and My Prerogative on May 2004. According to fansites and message boards back then she allegedly also recorded versions of Justify My Love and Heart of Glass too. (Bloodshy said they recorded about 20 songs from 2002 to 2013)

She then recorded the early version of Mona Lisa and layed a rough idea for another song either on late May or early June 2004

Finally she recorded Someday and the final version of Mona Lisa sometime in April 2005

There's actually candids of Britney from May 2005 right after a meeting with Jive holding an email exchange between Guy Sigsworth and a Zomba employee and a CDr with presumably the final version of Someday. By then the Original Doll concept was most likely scrapped


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I dont think and in fact I know that the songs from Original Doll were not repurposed for Blackout at all, first most of Blackout was recorded between 2006 and 2007. Original Doll was recorded between 2004 and 2005. 

Original Doll was an album meant to show her rebellion against her previous image with songs like Mona Lisa and Dramatic. Blackout on the other hand doesnt take a clear stance on that, though is ha a lot of sass and acknowledge her legendary status.

Britney had more involvement in the writing process of Original Doll, probably because she was in a better state emotionally than during the recording of Blackout. She was very professional and involved in Blackout, but not as much as during Original Doll. 

Im not saying OD would be a huge commercial success, maybe it wouldnt. But it does show Britneys artistry and a different side of her.

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