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Demi Lovato gets heat for feeling survivor's guilt in light of DMX's overdose: it could've been me

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sweetie you need to delete all your social media accounts and speak only with your music. Is it too difficult to understand?

I don't like how she relies on her personal struggles for promo it seems dangerous to me she's basically putting herself in a box and it will be very hard for her to get out of it it's

She needs to change her narrative   It's always 'drugs, eating disorder and rehab' At this point GP may not even realize she's a singer     

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2 hours ago, Jordan Miller said:

Don't say this! 

She's working hard on herself, I'm rooting for her that she won't. 

I hope not, but she already stated that she doesn't believe in complete abstinance in a recent interview:crying2_britney_crying_tears_2003_diane_sobbing_sad:

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I think it's good she's trying to be transparent, but at this point her recovery should be more personally involved with her family, but I'm assuming a lot of her problems relate similarly to how Britney had no family influence. She clearly does not have enough love for herself and is looking for someone to care for her and love her and drugs help fill that void of loneliness. She should get a hiking dog and maybe take up hiking in loneliness to really learn how to deal with negative thoughts, it has helped me immensely. When you hike somewhere not crowded and is quiet you are able to think about the world and see it so differently. You realize how everything we care about, cars, money, fame, etc really means nothing in the grand scheme of it all. We are just trying to survive everyday because that's what is in our DNA. To replicate and survivor. 

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I thought you would all be more compassionate about what she´s been through and what she is sharing but as far as I see you all have a phd in psychology.

I personally think she is in her strongest era, I love the way she is coping with all the troubles she had in the past. And even thou Im not a great fan, I liked the new album. 

And TMZ, jesuschrist... Havent we cancel that guy back in 2007 already?

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I mean its a tough question to answer without relating it to yourself. TBH she shouldn't of answered the question, saying something like "I wish not to comment on this situation, my prayers are with DMX and His Family" Like people would of been fine with that imo.

But yeah i see alot of what people are commenting here and i agree to an extent, but i also believe Demi is not helping herself or her public image.

Its very hard to be compassionate towards her when she said in an article that she doesn't believe in complete abstinence in a recent interview EVEN after that horrific night. Demi you survived it once, the next time you wont be as lucky.

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3 hours ago, Jordan Miller said:

Demi Lovato is getting backlash on the Internet (what's new? 🙄) for saying she feels a bit of survivor's guilt following DMX's overdose. 

She wonders why she didn't suffer the same fate as DMX following her overdose, but is grateful of course.

I think it's weird the Internet is saying she's making DMX's tragedy about her. She was clearly asked about this during her interview with TMZ (why is she speaking with TMZ smh). 

Exhale, thoughts? Is Demi overstepping or is the Internet being dramatic? Sound off.





I’m tired... Of Internet users. She didn’t cross the line this time, feels like everybody is waiting for ANYTHING to cancel someone. It’s tiring...

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1 hour ago, Geralt_of_Rivia said:

They mentioned that she's taking a pill that's blocking some radicals so she doesn't get the high effect so for the moment it seems like they know what they're doing and that's so much we can say from the outside.

But she's failed so many times because they didn't work for her. She didn't have control over what her treatment is going to be, who the people around her are going to be and so on. She was told what to do as opposed to be guided and truly supported in a less extremist way. And if she's failed what? At what point do you decide that her story isn't worth sharing or that she herself as an artist/person isn't worth because of her failures? People learn while they're alive and clearly she's still learning. 

Yes, of course they're different but that doesn't give people the pass card to humiliate one person for their struggles and their type of expressing their art or whatever while preaching for kindness for another. If you'll vouch for kindness and humility, do it for all, otherwise it looks hypocritical. Of course you're entitled to your opinion and that's fine. Agree to disagree. I just shared an observation because people can be very nasty towards Demi who has personal struggles. At the centre of it all is a human who's struggling and is trying to cope up somehow. Might as well show some humility.

I’m not hating on Demi for having struggles. Every person has their struggles, it’s what makes us human. I’m bothered by the fact that she cannot take accountability and understand that she, alone, is affecting a multitude of people around her. She is always crying out “ ME ME ME I have problems they are worse than everybody else’s no one understands !!! “ She is just full of excuses. Her family saw her nearly DIE in the hospital, her close friend who found her unconscious in her home was attacked and harassed on the internet because of her. Yet after affecting all these people around her, she can’t take a step back and say “Damn, I’m really hurting everyone around me, I really need to take sobriety seriously before I end up in the hospital again and cause my family great distress” ....

No, instead, Demi wants to be ‘California Sober’ and make a documentary that once again tells the same story she has told for years on end. 

I’m glad she’s acknowledged the fact that she no longer wants to represent the recovering addicts community because her form of recovery isn’t for everyone but she needs to acknowledge that even after an almost deadly overdose, she has still not moved on from the hook of addiction and she is heading down a dangerous path with this ‘Cali Sober’ nonsense.


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All she had to do was wish DMX a speedy recovery instead of bending the narrative and bringing the conversation back to her. It just came across as a little disrespectful, like that one time that Madonna made Aretha's death all about herself. These Leos man. :katyclown_makeup_mess_pie_meme_smile:

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If she decided to kill herself when she overdosed (that's obviously what she did), then it doesn't surprise me if she now says she feels guilty for having survived (while others don't, or may not). Her self-esteem is in the underground.

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8 hours ago, Dreams said:

I don't like how she relies on her personal struggles for promo

it seems dangerous to me

she's basically putting herself in a box and it will be very hard for her to get out of it

it's becoming part of her brand

This so much. I totally agree. 

Now, this particular answer is not problematic. I think people just don't like her and find wrong in everything she does. She is normally very egotistical and not the brightest cookie of the jar. 

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  • Exhale+

Open mouth, insert foot. 


This is an opportunity to say, I'm not gonna answer cos it could be held against me. 


And it did happen, they basically made sure to say this isn't about you, you're not family or even matter this time. 

I'm the hunter, you're the fox 🦊.

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Whenever I see that girl I wonder if anyone has ever told her NO? NO you can't do drugs because you're an addict. NO you can't use alcohol because you're an addict. If you want to live your best life those two substances shouldn't be in it. You tried that road, it didn't work.

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