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Khloe Kardashian confronts body-shamers and the unflattering photo leak head-on

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An unedited, unfiltered, raw photo of Khloe Kardashian in a bikini surfaced last week.

It caught a lot of peoples' attention, because her body looks completely different from the curated content she posts on her feed. Most people feel like she's taken her look and body standards to a bit of an extreme and edits the hell out of her pics. 

BTW, the bikini photo, the Kardashian team went on overdrive demanding places to remove the pic.

In an open letter, Khloe opens up about the pressures of having to look a certain way, and what that's done to her psyche.

It's actually pretty self-aware and powerful. 

I'll hold off on posting the bikini photo because she feels violated by the leak. It's on the Internet if you Google it.

Here's the letter. I'd love to hear your thoughts about this, Exhale.





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Just now, InTheZone4Life said:

It’s good of her to acknowledge her struggle with body image issues. It’s however not great of her to continue to perpetuate this standard that is also placed on other women around the world who are less fortunate than her and can’t afford plastic surgery.

You cant preach body positivity and then ignore the fact that you’ve gotten work done and other people aren’t as fortunate as you.

I was posting then you put this & it was everything I wanted to say.  So all this.  


she looks beautiful & normal & real (as in unedited, not real as in natural) in the leaked photo.  Owning what you actually look like & “what you worked so hard for” would be more body positive then feeling ridiculed about one picture you didn’t get to photoshop the crap out of!   

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Let's be real. Something like that is a HUGE problem nowadays. Comparing yourself to others because of social media. It wasn't that big 20 years ago, right? People compared themselves only to celebrities in magazines, TV etc. Now people compare themselves to ''normal'' people. It's a normal thing to do. People just want to feel beautiful and everyone should have a right to do that. Using filters etc. at the same time is obvi very problematic but kinda understandable as well. People just try to fit in. This topic is really big. We all know that if you are beautiful, hot - you are more successful and this is a fact. 

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3 minutes ago, Look But Don't Touch said:

Yes, it's so ******d up that current standard, in the most cases, you can only achieve through dangerous plastic surgery 

today standards are incredibly dangerous, in the past you could reach the standards with an healthy way to live (workout and good diet). Now it's the complete opposite

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34 minutes ago, OnlyBeyonce said:

at least back in the days britney was the standard. Her body was natural and created with a lot of work and dedication
You can see muscles on her body not plastic or silicone


This is why I love this website. Everything goes back to Britney ❤️🙏

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Can she effing not!

She and her family are the epitomy of what's wrong with today's beauty standards and instead of not giving a **** and owning that realness she makes it about body issues with a body that's formed with the help of surgeons and beauty docs. If I could lose any sympathy for the k's anymore I would.

Remember these people have kids if our generation has been majorly influenced I wonder what their kids will turn out like.

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1 minute ago, itsxrichiexbish said:

So she’s posting a “unfiltered “ video of her fake body??? Ummmmm.... okay lol... I used to like khole... but I’m getting black chyna vibes now

i can't believe she is crying about her right to photoshop her fake body, she is clearly out of touch with reality.
We aren't on Sims , this is real life and if you want look in a certain way you need to workout and follow a diet, we don't need to spread the idea of creating an avatar of ourself for social media purpose.

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