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#NeverForget- holocaust memorial Day

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today is #YomHaShoah (#HolocaustRemembranceDay). today, we remember the 6 million innocent jews & 5 million disabled, *******ual and innocent people who were brutally murderer by the n@zis only because of unjustified hatred and antisemitism. 
we must remember and never forget.

as a Jew, who grandparents didnt came to Israel form Europe but from from Maroco and Irak (kordistan) from the hatred they received for being jewish, I can feel their pain, of being neglacted, hated for no reason and being the guilty member of society. The same for being gay. We (the jews) are a small community of the world population. So the holocaust was a major event killing most of us. Please be king and live everyone. #NeverAgain 

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18 minutes ago, BritneyWithGlasses said:

No dont get me wrong, i was talking about exhale, i talked to Jordan, requesting him to make it the headline for today, but he ignored and the top headline was about taylors new releases. This post had no traction, so I compared it to the top post.

I love Taylor

Okay I misunderstood. I apologize. I agree with you though. This definitely should be highlighted!

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