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Britney reportedly tells TMZ she writes her own Instagram captions and denies ever speaking to Billy B

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1 hour ago, RedBloodedWoman said:

Contracts. Chaotic was initially filmed with pro cameras too, it was gonna be an Onyx doc with personal footage from Britney. Knee injury happened, contracts need to be fulfilled, Chaotic was born. It’s pretty obvious 85% of the time since the c-ship started she’d rather be anywhere else besides the stage. It’s not fair to criticize forced performances she’s making less than half the money from. 

The contract part is what I've argued is what led to her downfall.

Because she should have been out of the spotlight/industry by 2004-2005. (If she wanted to make a comeback then she could have later AFTER being out of the spotlight)

But then this means she was doomed by Larry Rudolph from very beginning.

While not as famous as Britney, Most of her peers also had different contracts too but avoided the pitfalls that ensnared Britney.

What kind of slave contract did she sign to force her to be in the damn spotlight her entire career till know?

Because as much as she is a hard worker it arguably undermines her career. The scumbag Rudolph helps to make her so famous but thinks there's a problem if people want to find out about the contracts that kept putting her in the public eye.

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Now is there a video? I'm struggling to see why she wouldn't just say this in an instagram post and why she'd go to TMZ who are on Jamie's payroll?

Out of all media outlets, Britney would go to TMZ for her first statement/interview in 2 years ? 

Don't TMZ know April Fools was yesterday?

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Previously, all the nonsense about Britney was written in magazines, now the same nonsense is written on the Internet. It is obvious that Britney does not have access to any social networks, can not communicate with people, does not have freedom. She's in jail. Now she's like a puppet. In the Internet era, the people who have taken over her life, freedom, and money invent fake friends (some Billy), fake personal life, and attribute fake words to her. People, be smarter and analyze the information you see on the Internet. 

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As she is not talking about this directly and on camera, it is nothing more than gossip and rumours :ohdear_britney_glory_dear,_fingers_hand_face_orange_hide_uh_oh:

If people close to her talk for her there is a significant possibility it is presented as truth but is actually misconceptions and misrepresentations :holduplisten_hold_up_listen_preach_telling_wisdom_wise:.

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4 hours ago, zxcvb said:

Britney is a strong person,  but the criticism of Britney as a performer is 100% fair game because she puts herself out there. (And without explaining herself; she's entitled to her privacy but she still puts herself in the spotlight)

Judging by her Everytime video way back 17 years ago, she clearly knew how terrible the media scrutiny was but continued to stay in the spotlight, even making a reality show that brought more attention on her. Why?

It's partially others exploiting the fact that this life is all she's ever known-performing, going to a recording studio- but she knows she can't be left alone until she finally leaves the spotlight/industry; she and her team made her too famous.

Fans don’t trash Britney. Go through all the posts I’ve ever made on here. I have never once criticized her- I just don’t feel the need to.

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1 hour ago, Endlessstan said:

Fans don’t trash Britney. Go through all the posts I’ve ever made on here. I have never once criticized her- I just don’t feel the need to.

Well I certainly don't comment at all about her social media posts whatsoever like many fans do.

I've always said I admire her strength, but her own team let her down.  For instance I always point out her talents as a songwriter but how do you blame the public for taking decades to find out that she can write music on the piano? And arguably to this day many don't care about her songwriting.

My hope for Britney is to find peace, whether she finds that on or off stage.  She set the bar so high for herself that everything after her peak is always going to be compared to back then.

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7 hours ago, Mona Lisa 2.0 said:

We can only trust what she says once she's out of the conservatorship, cause obviously she can't really talk about it.

Also, do you REALLY think she would be explaining herself to people? she doesn't care what people think. So, or they made her say these things to TMZ, or she didn't say this at all and it was her team. Even in the "For the Record" documentary, she said she shaved her head cause it was a way to rebel herself and feel free, and they asked "why didn't you tell anyone that was what you were doing?" and she said "I don't think it was anyone's business really". She doesn't care.

This.  Until the conservatorship gun is off her forehead, I won’t believe anything 100%.

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7 hours ago, Forever222 said:

Jeff was probably the person who sent TMZ her “statement”. Page Six got the same statement but correctly called it her “rep”. TMZ said it was Britney.


It's time the fanbase starts to press Jeff to put his face on camera and own his statement, imo.

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I 100% believe she isn't talking with Billy B. He just gives me these bad vibes. Sure he is trying to get attention. Britney works or used to work with dozens of people, now why would she talk to Billy B more than she talks to Fe?!?! I don't believe that guy 1 minute.

HOWEVER, TMZ is complete bullsh.t and I am still waiting for their first article to be 100% reliable regarding Britney. They NEVER showed respect towards her and it translated into Britney saying they could kiss her ***. 

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4 hours ago, Easy There said:

Its extremely insulting that she spoke to TMZ aka media outlet that destroyed her life at one point. Instead of to her fans directly.


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1 hour ago, JustLuvMe07 said:

What's the truth?

Britney has no control over her life. She has no control over her social media. I am sure that if she had control over her IG, she would try to tell us something about #freebritney. The whole world is following the #freeBritney case and her conservatorship. This case is too big and team con is afraid that she will tell the truth.

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