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Britney reportedly tells TMZ she writes her own Instagram captions and denies ever speaking to Billy B

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42 minutes ago, Slayer said:

I don't know how much longer they can get away with her not speaking...

She needs to be freed or for at least Jamie to be removed so she can say something somewhat freely!

My fear is that they will resort to to some desperate measures to rope Brinny into recording a video to prove their narrative (like the mental facility one) but I hope she stays strong and doesn’t budge


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What I immediately think is that this is someone speaking as Britney. Meaning, the conservatorship essentially allows other people to ‘be’ Britney. Unless there is a recorded video of her saying these exact words, I don’t believe it came from her mouth. And even then, there’s the possibility of coercion and editing. The Conservatorship has been allowed to take over her identity and public persona completely. Her name is not her own any more. Why wouldn’t it be obvious that this is just someone behind the scenes, with the power, talking to TMZ as if they are Britney. With all of the clearly one sided ‘reporting’ they have done on Britney since the #FreeBritney movement, I do believe they are very close to those on the inside. Remember, when they said on TMZ tv that (according to them) Britney doesn’t have a bipolar diagnosis, but is bipolar ‘mimicking’ and is therefore in need of medication. I guess the trained mental health professionals at TMZ never cared to clear up that one, because it doesn’t fit their constant narrative that she is an irredeemable crazy person. I could see Britney being embarrassed by the doc. I could see her having many emotions about all of this like any human being would. What I don’t see is how it would make any sense that this is directly coming from Britney when she has no legal rights to her own identity.

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4 hours ago, IconicShow said:

The disgusting part if she could end this if she was allowed to talk but I doubt she’s allowed to say very much it just shocks me that all of a sudden she can talk to TMZ And unfortunately I won’t believe what she had to say unless she was out of the conservatorship we don’t know if she’s being threatened or anything of the sort

@FreeLou made a such good point about the video Britney said she couldn't attend the flop bc she broke her leg or smt. Then months later we found out from court docs how Britney refused to go to the flop and made Jamie lose 1 million, he was even *****ing about that. So I'm right there with u, always skeptical with those videos too when she's still under a cship and being controlled, isolated and silenced. On that letter she said herself she has been manipulated, on the voicemail she said she has been threatned and Jamie would use her kids for that. They probably gaslight the **** out of her too. They own her ******* life, it's that sad. Who knows if sometimes she does smt bc shes tired, bc she wants to go out, shop smt or whatever and they won't allow her if she doesn't do what they want. They even might manipulate her saying her fans want to hear this or that. Sadly we can't blindly trust anything anymore while she's still under this cship without rights, freedom or a voice. Team con work to protect and keep the cship going, thats the only thing they care about, they have lied and disrespected us for over a decade now. 

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This is collectively driving an entire fanbase mad. As Britney once said, “I’m ******* over it I’m ******* over it” 

Britney... the same woman under the tightly guarded conservatorship spoke directly to TMZ? who also happens to be on Jamie’s payroll and mostly anti-Free Britney? 

They think we’re stupid. They truly do.

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28 minutes ago, turquoise said:

War is start:hype_britney_glory_jkl_jimmy_kimmel_live_laugh_lol_haha_hype_excited_pumped_lmao_cackle:
I trust Billy. I'm waiting for the video our queen will make.
Just worrying about co team will sabotaging it...:sad_britney_ftr_for_the_record:

Billy is talking to a catfish, hon. He’s a snake too. He may be right about this but not because he texted Britney and she responded right away 🤣 He’s delusional, sweetie :mhm_britney_nodding_yes_mhmm:

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I don't believe it even a little :yaknow_britney_xfactor_X_factor_talk_tell_chat_you_know: 

And I'm heartbroken for Britney , how did she fall to the hands of such criminals , I won't be surprised if doesn't remember her name after all the illegal drugs they're feeding her , allegedly , I'm praying for her safety :( 

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Rant: It’s important to have perspective here in the fact that all the lawyers have filed to get their $$$$ recently and Ingham filed to make Jodi permanent removing Jamie completely from the Personal Conservatorship. All of this is a reaction to the sinking ship. 

Team con’s point over the years has always been controlling her narrative of what is best for Britney and speaking for her. It’s obvious when that line is blurred, like now.

Overall there is no trust in her brand. He is that toxic. For one, I can’t believe the probate court allow this toxic behaviour by him and his lawyers and two, he is destroying her brand and likeness. Just let her speak and make court declarations. The last time she did that in court she reportedly asked for her restrictions to be loosened and then to suspend her dad because she is scared of him.

It’s truly dysfunctional that the courts keep supporting the conservator over the conservatee because they deemed her incompetent and don’t put her feelings above everything  else. This is why we want free Britney. Freedom being she can speak freely and choose her team. The chances are she will continue to have problems but at least we know that control her father has on her neck is gone. It’s disappointing how long this process continues to go on. Delaying hearings and Jamie being a clown with TMZ. Enough already. He is embarrassing and a sore loser. 

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20 hours ago, Slayer said:

Now is there a video? I'm struggling to see why she wouldn't just say this in an instagram post and why she'd go to TMZ who are on Jamie's payroll?

still, we need to be reminded of that one time she made a video saying she had injured her foot and couldn’t attend “the zone” and then we later learned that she refused to go and it cost them $1MM - so yeah not even a video will do it for me.

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5 hours ago, Busybee said:

Is it even legal to quote someone if they didn't actually talk to them? Or are they supported under some stupid entertainment law

Sadly team con own Britney, she doesn't have a voice, her freedom or rights. No one around her defend her publicly no matter what team con or the media say. The court system isn't on her side, her sleazy old **** court appointed attorney only cares about his monthly 40k and saving his own *** no matter how many times Jamie uses Vivian or tmz to defend the cship and put Britney in some light that benefit them. Lynne is too busy shaking her *** and breaking her hips to work ***** on clubs or wiping JL's kids' *****, and Sam is too focused staring himself in the mirror or trying to get his next "acting" gig. It's what it's, team con can forever have a field day, no one is going to stop them, defend Britney and say they are lying. 

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